In the Orbit of Planet Hillary

by Jillian Steinhauer on January 23, 2014

(via David Joachim on Twitter)

(via David Joachim on Twitter)

There are so many things to say about the New York Times Magazine cover for this coming weekend, which features Hillary Clinton’s face stretched and wrinkled and turned into a planet. It is terrifying. It is a “Dadaist masterpiece.” It is “no joke.” It is a veritable wellspring of critical interpretation. As with any great work of art, more questions are raised than answered here.

Is it a riff on Little Face Mitt?

Or the Me Gusta meme?

Or did multimedia artist Tony Oursler make it?

To wit:


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  • Sarah Ferguson

    No, it’s a riff on my work!

  • gwvanderleun

    It’s butt-ugly but then again consider the subject matter and the medium.

  • Joshua Bicker

    Haha, this gave me a good laugh! Who designed this?

  • Guest

    Just shared this on tumblr. Couldn’t help myself. Planet Hillary is perfect internet fodder.

  • When were the wrinkles on the faces of male politicians so integral to our discussion of them?

    • Shawn Chapman

      Well, it’s not like we can talk about any of her accomplishments.

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