Art School’s Pulp Fiction Moment

by Hrag Vartanian on June 5, 2014


Thank you, Jerry Saltz, for sharing this classic pulp fiction book cover on Twitter. It really puts art school into a real context.

It’s funny to laugh at this silly stereotype in retrospect, but it got me thinking — how much has truly changed in the popular imagination about who and what artists and their subjects are?

And do you see how edgy these artists are? They don’t even capitalize titles! And I wonder how this story ends … crippling student loan debt? Museum retrospective? Bitter disdain for the art world? Juicy!

Saltz mentioned on Facebook that he found it somewhere on social media.

Update: I’ve really been enjoying the reactions to this image on Hyperallergic’s Facebook page, so I thought they were worth sharing here:




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  • Phillip McAllister

    Damned Bohemians!!

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