DC Arts Community Protests Smithsonian Censorship (Photos)

by Hrag Vartanian on December 3, 2010

An artistic action by protestors on the steps of the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, DC (photo by Natalie Cheung)

We get this first-hand report from Kriston Capps, critic for Washington City Paper about last night’s DC protest against the Smithsonian’s censorship:

About 150 protesters assembled at in the brisk cold outside Transformer‘s gallery space before marching to the National Portrait Gallery in Chinatown. That’s not a small number: More than 100 people standing up for the memory of David Wojnarowicz and the sanctity of the museum as a space free from politics. These protesters stood up for LGBT rights.

Artistic action participants outside the Capitol (photo by Natalie Cheung)

Artistic action participants gathering outside Transformer (photo by Natalie Cheung)

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