The Friggin’ Worst of ArtPrize

by Hrag Vartanian on September 15, 2011

The idea of ArtPrize as an “open art contest” sounds fantastic, hell, even awesome, but if you thought all the art was going to be good than you were delusional.

Enter ArtPrize Worst, the tumblelog. A selection of crappy art that thought it had a chance at the world’s biggest art purse.

There’s a whole lotta fugly in this blog. It already captured the worst of last year, including the artist who took the idea of erecting their sculptures too seriously, creepy Catholic/Disney-like scenes, a return of 1970s van art, dragons galore and puking mermaids, but it’s back for another year of artistic weirdness.

Btw, it is a website after all so you can also follow the site on Twitter, @artprizeworst.

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  • wow, what a terrible idea for a blog. i guess those people’s time and effort and values–artistic and otherwise–can be safely dismissed? besides, some of that stuff is awesome!

    • Well, art is subjective. You can start your own and I think this one is hilarious!

      • yeah, to each his/her own. no problem there. i just find it rather mean spirited in viewpoint. and put some of that in the Visionary Art Museum or give it a conceptualized art school underpinning and it easily becomes high art.

        • To be honest, I’d love competing ones. I like the idea of art festivals not being so serious. My garbage is your high art and vice versa. I think the idea that there is one overarching taste that should be the THING is dated anyway. And to be honest, I loved the bad puns art work, I have a soft spot for bad puns … there, I admitted it.

          • i may have misinterpreted the blog as mean spirited when it was actually being fun. i’ll look again later.

          • I think the blog is meant as mean, but who cares what they meant it as. It’s fun.

  • Guest

    I was in the first artprize ! There was some very good art work in the event NONE OF IT WON ANYTHING  . Most of the art was Flea market “stuff”. It was a good experience. I would never do it again. Grand Rapids is a cool little city I realy liked it. 

  • Artprize was interesting. I went last year. It’s kind of amazing how art takes over the city. And yeah most of the work was pretty dismal. And that tumblelog is hilarious. Love it.

  • 3242528

    ARTPRIZE WORST is awesome.  I think they should give prizes for the top ten WORST.  FYI my dad’s piece made ARTPRIZE WORST this year and I couldn’t be prouder…of course I didn’t tell him…he would be crushed….but he got more recognition from you than he did from ARTPRIZE.  His piece is CARUSSO’S DEMISE at McFaddens (clown on turtle sculpture)

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