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Torres Garcia to the Left of Me, Torres Garcia to the Right of Me

by Hrag Vartanian on December 1, 2011

A Torres Garcia corner at the Uruguayan Galeria Sur (all photos by the author for Hyperallergic)

MIAMI — Every year art watchers see trends. Many of these are more about the commentator’s interests and fixations than anything real. This year, I kept seeing works by great Uruguayan modernist Joaquín Torres García. Founder of a bizarrely named movement, Constructive Universalism, he’s known for his primary colored cubistic works that incorporate stacked architectural elements with cityscapes, lettering and faces.

This year, IMHO, was a windfall for the lover of Torres Garcia. Here is what I saw.

Works by Torres Garcia at Madrid's Guillermo de Osma

Torres Garcia's "Grafismo Metafisico" (1943) at Guillermo de Osma

An incised wood piece by Torres Garcia.

"Figures en rouge et noir" (1928)

Rio negro (Arte constructivo)" (1943) at Mary-Anne Martin Fine Art (photo by Jason Andrew/Hyperallergic)

A wall of works on paper by Torres Garcia at Guillermo de Osma.

Among the paper works was this, "Figura constructiva" (1935)

"Estructura con objetos esquematicos" (1943) at Madrid's Galeria Leandro Navarro

"Formes ocres et rouges" (1939)

"Estructura animista" (1933) at Mary-Anne Martin Fine Art (photo by Jason Andrew/Hyperallergic)

Art Basel Miami Beach continues until December 4 at the Miami Beach Convention Center (Miami Beach, Florida).

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