Martin Boyce Snags Turner Prize … if you care

by Hrag Vartanian on December 5, 2011

Left, A view of Boyce's "Do Words Have Voices" (image via and Martin Boyce (via

I have trouble getting excited by the Turner Prize anymore. British art isn’t as central to the art dialogue as it once was a decade ago so it is feeling more and more like a regional contest. But having said that … Congrats to Martin Boyce. He is a talented artist.

You can read more about his achievement on BBC, the Guardian or ArtLyst.

Image sources and Flickr.

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  • Guest

    My art scene is bigger than yours.

  • Den Hickey

    Well, lets face it… there is a whole lot of boring art out there, and if they can’t give the Turner to some bombastic, vapid YBAs they overcompensate and give it to over-theoried boring art to try to look serious.

  • Daniel Minnick

    Actually his work is very strong and he has been showing in American Galleries for a long time. It isn’t very theoretical either it is more sculptural and physical. My honest opinion, he deserves it.
    Great gallery he belongs to in Glasgow.

  • Michael Jackson

    Yes, his work is good. This post is ridiculous and unbelievably disrespectful. These guys give a tremounds amout of attention to Bravo’s Work of Art, yet at the same time dismiss such an interesting artist in such a blatant manner.
    Hyperallergic’s reputation as a piece of shit is really well justified.

    • No where in the post is the artist’s work dismissed (in fact it is applauded), perhaps this is a fiction you’ve generated in your head, which is probably the case since you don’t see the tongue in cheek of the Work of Art posts either

      The post is about the Turner Prize, which is as provincial as art prizes come consider it is for British artists, which is 1/100th of the art world.

      Also, anonymous comments are cowardly. Poor you.

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