China Wows By Constructing 30-Story Hotel in 360 Hours

by Hrag Vartanian on January 10, 2012

This jaw-dropping time-lapse video demonstrates the power of China today.

In just 360 hours (15 days), Chinese sustainable building company Broad Group is claiming it can building a modern hotel prototype in the middle of nowhere that is, among other things:

  • 9.0 earthquake resistant,
  • 5x more earthquake resistant than regular buildings,
  • 5x more energy efficient than regular buildings, and
  • contains 20x purer air that outdoor air.

This is in stark contrast to those images we once saw of a 12-story Chinese apartment building toppled over like a house of cards.

No word yet if the hotel has a Weibo account.

h/t Architizer

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  • They use the word BUILT, but that means something that is finished. That’s not what this is. It’s just a skeleton of a building. Heck they do that in many cities, when they actually wanna build a 30 story building. The real question is, is anyone ever going to be in it. Like their take on Disney, is it just going to end up another abandoned building?

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