Ai Weiwei Gets Censored on Weibo…Again

by Hrag Vartanian on March 19, 2012!/AWWNeverSorry/status/181592891502764032

And just to clarify:!/WLYeung/status/181572480807342080

Reuters UK reports:

” … the account was inaccessible, apparently deleted by government censors.”


“The controls are very strong,” Ai told Reuters by telephone. “They (the government) are very insecure, they are not ready for any kind of change.”

Ai Weiwei’s name is already banned from searches on the Chinese microblogging service and last year they blocked his account.

It’s not clear why the dissident artist was able to temporarily have a new account using his real name. Cracks in the Great Firewall perhaps? In spite of the Chinese attempts to silence him, Ai Weiwei continues to have an active presence on the US-based Twitter microblogging site, where he has over 131,000 followers and an international platform for his ideas and thoughts.

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