A Work by Forrest Bess on the Antiques Roadshow

by Hrag Vartanian on March 20, 2012

Watch Appraisal: Forrest Bess Oil Painting, ca. 1950 on PBS. See more from Antiques Roadshow.

A commenter, Chicken_Fingers, reminded us about this episode of The Antiques Roadshow from Tulsa, Oklahoma, that aired on January 9, 2012.  It features a circa 1950 work by Forrest Bess, who we’ve written about extensively on the blogazine, and who is featured in the 2012 Whitney Biennial.

Curious how much the appraiser says it’s worth? $75,000 in a gallery.

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  • Tom Smith

    “and then i nailed some drift wood to the side of it”

  • wow 75,000 is a steal!

  • Jillian Steinhauer

    “Modernism, in general, is quite strong.” Love it.

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