OMG…Now I Know: How to Protect Your Antique Statues During an Earthquake

by Hrag Vartanian on May 15, 2012

Yes, the Getty Museum is in Southern California, so it seems natural they will be concerned about a potential earthquake that could shatter their precious holdings.

Now the Getty team has come up with a video to demonstrate how to save your precious sculptures that I’m sure you all have. I, for one, have been wondering how to properly anchor my ancient Greek busts and now I know. Thanks, Getty!

I’m sure most of this can be translated to preserve art from other eras but then again would anyone notice if a John Chamberlain fell over and got dented? Though this does make me appreciate the genius of Félix González-Torres’s candy installations (earthquake proof!)

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  • Awesome. How’d they get that voice over guy from the 1950s to come out of retirement?

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