Beyoncé Art Tumblr?

by Hrag Vartanian on August 13, 2012

Gawker has discovered Beyoncé’s tumblelog and writer Caity Weaver (her name is soooo close to Hyperallergic writer Cat Weaver that I can only imagine — hope — they are related) writes:

Few things in life are as entrancing as Beyoncé’s tumblr. Through it, Beyoncé invites viewers (“beys” in the beywildering language of her cultish manifesto) to accompany their Queen on a yacht-based Odyssey as she attempts to discover What is Art.

We present you with Beyoncé in Marfa, the home to the Judd Foundation’s temple to art. Now, do you think this is art? Should we expect a Beyoncé retrospective at LA MOCA next year?

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  • Not….Marfa!

  • arent all tumblrs and facebooks and myspaces(now frozen in time) art in
    sense, a curated collection of a prerogative and and unique viewpoint
    that strives to convey the users inner being/true self? i think so. so
    many thuggged out top-looking-down shots are amazingly candid and
    specific and a true study in subconscious self-image, an automatic
    technophiliatic addict in the attic, a crazy one man show, every time,
    where each user is in fact the artist of the self portraits which are
    their user-pages… beyonce is especially entertaining and borderline
    art cuz it dabbles in the high-end of all that celeb b.s. ….cuz shes
    rich beautiful and famous.. most artists by the traditional sense are
    not, unless ur cindy sherman but shes no beyonce, a 9, but no beyonce
    amiright? so anyway, memes are art too yeah? meems memes or meams or
    mimes are art no? a huge subconscious study of jargon and rhythm in
    speech, culture, reaction times, srs-ness, and btw whats marfa? if i was
    beyonce id be an artist too.

  • Muffin Bernstein

    it maybe Art, but it does seem funny to take a picture of Beyonce jumping in front of Prada… and maybe not a Retrospective, but I would bet she is studying to have her own gallery/museum show

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