Best.Halloween.Costume.Ever: Beast Jesus Comes Alive

by Hrag Vartanian on October 4, 2012

We’ve heard of Jesus’ fabled ability to resurrect himself but Beast Jesus has proven that he can go from painted plaster to IRL in what can only be described as a freakin’ miracle.

Hallelujah! I believe!!!

via Pleated Jeans

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  • Sarah Portland

    The van Gogh carpeting makes it better :D

  • Brian Sherwin

    “fabled”? You would never say that concerning the prophet of Islam. We get it Hrag… you dislike Christians and love Muslims (I don’t think anyone forgets your support of the Arab Spring).

    • 1. “fabled” also means “renowned or famous.” 2. “The prophet of Islam” was never resurrected, or “fabled” for having any abilities other than receiving the word of God. I rather think you’re “getting” a message that wasn’t being sent.

  • Brian Sherwin

    I’m just saying… you treat Islam with way more respect. Why?

  • Joanne Mattera

    This is a brilliant coatume. Almost makes me want to go Trick or Treating.

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