Designers Give Us 30 Reasons to Re-elect Obama

by Kyle Chayka on October 24, 2012

Christopher Brand’s “30 Reasons” poster (All images via 30 Reasons)

As if you needed any more: 30 Reasons is a series of campaign posters presenting arguments for the re-election of our incumbent president created by independent designers from across the United States.

Reprising a project originally launched for the 2008 campaign, 30 Reasons has been emailing out posters every day that outline just why you should vote Obama come November 6. The initiative started on October 8, so we have just 13 more posters to go, but the snappy, incisive, and intelligent entries already published should be more than enough to push undecided voters.

The posters range from literal explanations of Obama’s worth and Mitt Romney’s misdeeds (see Woody Pirtle‘s blistering argument against Mitt’s outsourcing practices in a no-nonsense sans-serif typeface) to elegant infographics. On the purely visual front, Christopher Brand pays eloquent testament to Obama’s health care improvements with his image of the United States’ borders turned into a stethoscope (seen at top).

Bonnie Siegler‘s entry, the first in the series, is one of my favorites. We see the back of Obama’s Oval Office chair with his title emblazoned on a small nameplate. Siegler adds some text, turning the leather chair back into a collaged statement: “The President cares.” Paul Sahre‘s minimalist, all-caps entry boldly asks a provocative question directed against the previous administration.

Bonnie Siegler (left) and Paul Sahre’s (right) “30 Reasons” posters

Both Hilary Greenbaum and Elizabeth Amorose tackle the women’s rights side of the election controversy. Amorose’s poster poetically appropriates embroidery as a symbol of the feminine while Greenbaum’s Romney portrait-turned-pubic hair is super freaky.

Hilary Greenbaum and Elizabeth Amorose’s “30 Reasons” posters (left and right, respectively)

Other posters tackle gay rights, education, social welfare, and a bunch of other hot-button issues. Check some of them out below.

ALSO’s “30 Reasons” poster

Chaz Maviyane Davies’s “30 Reasons” poster

Larkin Werner’s “30 Reasons” poster

Here’s one more reason to vote Obama: He supports creative arts and creative people, who in turn make powerful projects like this. For my money, though, the best pro-Obama poster might just be this:

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  • I Capulet

    I don’t see how any of this would sway undecided voters since they’re undecided because, giving them the benefit of the doubt, they aren’t comfortable with an understanding of issues presented largely by commercials, debates the questions of which are not terribly difficult to predict, etc., and require a presentation of nuance to differentiate the two (legitimized) candidates. LOL posters aren’t going to turn anyone in dilemma…

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