How to Become an Outsider Artist

by Lauren Purje on February 4, 2013



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  • Brian Fernandes-Halloran

    you and me both sister!

  • Brian Fernandes-Halloran

    PS Why is it OK for art world insiders to deal and curate work that is defined as their antithesis?

  • Jenny DevilDoll

    Can art school in general fall under “education is somewhat of a joke”?

    • Brian Fernandes-Halloran

      This is the question that keeps coming up. I know some people who have made great strides in their practice at grad school. I know people who have made increasingly boring, even defensive work, in grad school. Everyone that goes gains a place in a community of hard working, great thinkers.
      My studio is lonely. I want to make friends and learn from them. Its hard to make real friends by just rubbing elbows with people in short increments. You need to share similar conditions, and endure long hours together. Where else can you get that while gaining institutional validation?

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