From the Edges of Tokyo, Where the Avant-garde Play

by Sponsor on April 16, 2013

Where do avant-gardes congregate? If you ask Tokyo-based artist, composer, programmer, and graphic designer Yousuke Fuyama, he believes it is something that keeps emerging in the edge of societies, where new ideas are created.

At the age of twelve, armed with a small tape recorder, Fuyama began recording and cataloging the various found sounds in his environment. This eventually led to an obsession with synthesizers, samplers, digital audio processing, and recording technology. As a college student, his research focused on computer programming and data interconversion as a means of further expanding the possibilities of multimedia art.

The Avant/Garde Diaries visited him recently at his favorite venue in Tokyo, SOUP, a non-profit DIY venue that evolved from an illegal space built by street artists to a vibrant hub for the city’s underground multimedia art scene. “SOUP is stewed with many different kinds of ingredients, and it tastes a little strange,” he says. “I think SOUP works as a community, people with different views get together and communicate through performances, they get inspired to create something new or find different values in art.”

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