Introducing the BAM + NADA Portfolio

by Sponsor on December 3, 2013


In 1987, BAM began commissioning artists like Roy Lichtenstein and David Salle to create exquisite limited-edition prints. Sold to benefit BAM, these unique collections found homes with individuals, galleries, and museums, and included works by David Hockney, Claes Oldenberg, Claudia Hart, Sol LeWitt, and many others.

Now, BAM has partnered with the nonprofit artist-fair collective NADA to commission 12 of the most exciting emerging visual artists working today. Individually sleeved in an archival linen folder, these limited-edition prints were created by artists Joshua Abelow, Sascha Braunig, Sarah Crowner, Alex Da Corte, Michael DeLucia, Christian Holstad, Zak Kitnick, Margaret Lee, Sam Moyer, Ulrike Müller, Zak Prekop, and Michael Williams.

The portfolio includes a variety of unique techniques ranging from photogravure to cynatype. Zak Prekop describes his work as “an embossment taken from an image of one of my paintings. I have made works with paper collaged to the back of the canvas and nothing else, so this print is another way to achieve that feeling…a more complex image.”

With such a range of styles and an impressive roster of up-and-coming artists, the BAM + NADA Portfolio presents new and seasoned collectors alike with an ideal opportunity to expand their contemporary art holdings while benefiting two nonprofit organizations. All 12 works will be on display December 5–8 at NADA Miami Beach, the renowned art fair alternative to Art Basel Miami Beach. And if you can’t make it down to the Sunshine State, be sure to peruse the collection online at Artsy.net.

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