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Post image for At the LA Art Book Fair, a Missed Opportunity to Address Race

LOS ANGELES — In the days leading up to the LA Art Book Fair (LAABF), and during Thursday’s preview, members of the LA arts community criticized the organizers for their use of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) meme.

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White (Box) Supremacy

by Abe Ahn on November 26, 2014

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LOS ANGELES — Hours after news of the Ferguson grand jury decision swept the country, artists and audience members gathered at the volunteer-run space Human Resources to discuss the ways in which artists can intervene against structural racism, not just in the art world but the world at large.

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The Human Face of a WWII Tragedy, in Full Color

by Abe Ahn on August 19, 2014

Bill Manbo, Kodachrome print (1943-44)

LOS ANGELES — In August 1942, thousands of Japanese Americans from Los Angeles began their lives as prisoners on a wide stretch of prairie in northwestern Wyoming.

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Broadcasting Los Angeles

by Abe Ahn on July 28, 2014

KCHUNG TV stage at Made in L.A. 2014

LOS ANGELES — One of the first objects on display at the Hammer Museum’s Made in L.A. biennial is a Volkswagen Brasilia, named after the Brazilian capital.

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Sunshine Tinged with Noir at Paris Photo LA

by Abe Ahn on April 28, 2014

Post image for Sunshine Tinged with Noir at Paris Photo LA

LOS ANGELES — The red carpet at Paramount Pictures Studios didn’t lead to a movie premiere or an awards ceremony, but rather the Lower East Side — or at least its facsimile in the studio’s New York backlot, where brownstone and cast-iron buildings hosted pop-up galleries and bookshops. This was the second year that international photography fair Paris Photo returned to Los Angeles for its American offshoot.

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The Redemption of Ron Athey

by Abe Ahn on March 20, 2014

Post image for The Redemption of Ron Athey

LOS ANGELES — Twenty years after performing at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, Ron Athey has come a long way from art world pariah to celebrated performance artist.

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Art After the Internet

by Abe Ahn on March 10, 2014

Post image for Art After the Internet

LOS ANGELES — Much of contemporary life is spent behind a screen for work and leisure, with a great amount of time devoted to forming identities and communities through the internet.

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LA Noise, Loud and Clear

by Abe Ahn on February 25, 2014

Post image for LA Noise, Loud and Clear

LOS ANGELES — Long after local businesses have closed shop for the day, things become very loud at 3709 W. Pico Blvd. It is the kind of noise that can be mistaken for a technical malfunction, like white noise amplified by a faulty monitor, but at Mata Noise, everything that is harsh, non-musical, and experimental is welcome.

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Meditations in Longing

by Abe Ahn on February 24, 2014

Post image for Meditations in Longing

LOS ANGELES — The writer Rebecca Solnit once wrote, “Memory, even in the rest of us, is a shifting, fading, partial thing, a net that doesn’t catch all the fish by any means and sometimes catches butterflies that don’t exist.” For artists Golnar Adili and Samira Yamin, the process of remembering is no less imprecise.

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Post image for Asian-American Portraiture Between Personal and Political

LOS ANGELES — Vancouver-based artist Ho Tam has catalogued many iterations of multiples throughout his career, ranging from commercial imagery to Asian male bodies.

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