Allison Meier

Post-Photography: The Artist with a Camera by Robert Shore

Photography as medium is not dead, but you can argue it is in a contemporary state of flux.

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Post image for An Excursion to the Past as You’ve Never Imagined It

With a mission to show that the past wasn’t always as we now envision it to be, Chris Wild’s Retronaut has been compiling curiosities of vintage photography and other archives online.

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Fifty Shrinks by Sebastian Zimmermann

“In contrast to other medical specialists’ offices with their practical equipment of examining tables and rolling tools, the therapist’s work space has few obvious demands beyond seating for clinician and patient,” psychiatrist and photographer Sebastian Zimmermann writes in an introduction to Fifty Shrinks.

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Hong Kong's neon heritage

Glass tubes twisted into typography and pictorial designs have hummed on the streets of Hong Kong since the 1950s.

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David Lynch: The Unified Field continues at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts until January 11, 2015

PHILADELPHIA — Before summoning unsettling images of horror out of the American everyday on film, David Lynch was a visual art student at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.

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Post image for From Amazon Warrior to Angel of Mercy: The Many Faces of the Nurse

Whether angel on the battlefield or vixen of the hospital ward, the depiction of the nurse has changed over time to reflect different perceptions on gender, health, and medicine.

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New Art Book Plays with Scale

by Allison Meier on October 1, 2014

Post image for New Art Book Plays with Scale

Big Art/Small Art by Tristan Manco, out later this month from Thames & Hudson, is an attempt to see what size means to art in the 21st century.

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Post image for A Concussive Experiment in Metal Noise

Jamie Stewart, of the band Xiu Xiu, describes how he and artist Danh Vō started to collaborate as “amorphous,” with Vō having incorporated some of Stewart’s lyrics from “Fabulous Muscles” into his visual art.

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Witches and wicked bodies is on view at the British Museum

Whether you imagine a witch as a monstrous Macbeth conjuror, or a more innocuous pointy-hatted character riding a broomstick, it’s likely the visuals of art have something to do with it.

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Art and Craft film is released today in Los Angeles

For three decades, Mark Landis quietly infiltrated art museums across the United States with donated forgeries, works he carefully copied himself from the whole of art history.

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