Allison Meier

Post image for Hundreds of Years of Data Growing on Trees

While data visualization can seem like a modern design focus, it really has its roots in the High Middle Ages when a sudden rise in information and population resulted in the need to convey ideas in an accessible way.

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Post image for A Floating Sound Orb Transmits the Past to the Future

Some people think that ghosts are fragments from people’s lives imprinted on the world, playing over and over again after death. A sound project evokes this idea of a “delayed echo” of activity with a dreamlike black orb that floats through the air.

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Post image for Searching for the Iconic Amid Post-Industrial Waste

Compared to the wonders of the ancient world, urban sprawl is devastatingly mundane. But what if a mass-produced monument sprang from its overdeveloped terrain?

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Post image for A 19th-Century Map of the Geology Hidden Beneath NYC Streets

There was much rejoicing among cartography lovers when the New York Public Library’s Lionel Pincus & Princess Firyal Map Division recently released over 20,000 maps for free use.

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Post image for Collaging Imagery from the Delirious Confusion of Finnegans Wake

James Joyce’s 1939 Finnegans Wake notoriously starts out with this linguistic monstrosity thundering the fall of Adam and Eve …

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Art Movements

by Allison Meier on April 4, 2014

Post image for Art Movements

Stolen paintings reappear in Italian kitchen, Qatar gives heritage support to Sudan, Helsinki Guggenheim looking for an architect, street artist found shot in Detroit, and more from the week in art news.

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Post image for John Cage: Mushroom Hunter

John Cage, legendary composer of experimental sounds and silence, was absolutely fascinated with mushrooms. This little-known legacy consists of his revival of the New York Mycological Society in the 1960s and his extensive fungi collection, now at the University of California, Santa Cruz. A new exhibition opened this week at the Horticultural Society of New York celebrates this overlooked side of his life.

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Post image for Photographing Ancient Organisms Before They Disappear

Brooklyn-based photographer Rachel Sussman spent nearly a decade tracking down the elders of our world, where life is measured in centuries instead of years.

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Post image for A New Digital Platform for Science in Museums

A new online journal is aspiring to create a dialogue among museum professionals and the public on science and museums in the 21st century.

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Post image for Watching Your Digital Self Perform with Glass Ghost

After money, space is often the tallest hurdle for artists in New York. Performance Space 122′s RAMP is a new residency program offering emerging New York City-based artists a performance venue to develop a piece with supporting tech assistance and premiere it to an audience.

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