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Post image for Original Winnie-the-Pooh Dolls, All Stuffed with Fluff, Go Back on View

Before Winnie-the-Pooh was a Disney superstar, before author A. A. Milne even considered the forest adventures of a beloved bumbling bear, he was a gift to a young boy on his first birthday.

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Post image for University Plans to Remove Two WPA Murals for Colonial Depictions

Two WPA murals at the University of Wisconsin–Stout are planned to be removed from public view due to their colonial views of Native Americans.

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Post image for The Wind-Powered Kinetic Sculpture Pulsing Behind the Olympic Cauldron

The kinetic sculpture behind the Rio 2016 Olympic cauldron is so hypnotic you might not have noticed the flame itself is rather tiny compared to past games.

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Post image for The 2016 Rio Olympics Medals Embrace Sustainable Design

Athletes at the Rio 2016 Olympics will be taking home bits of recycled mirrors, car parts, and X-ray plates in their medals as part of design aimed at sustainability.

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Post image for Digitizing the World’s Largest Braille Music Collection

Digitizing braille music isn’t as easy as just scanning the page. The tactile notations require multiple steps for accurate transcription, and their history of touch means the dots are sometimes smashed or otherwise unreadable.

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Post image for Retracing a Lifetime of Urban Activism Through Jane Jacob’s Last Interview

“The kind of planning for a city that would really work would be a sort of informed, intelligent improvisation, which is what most of our planning in life is in any case,” said Jane Jacobs in a 1962 interview with Mademoiselle, conducted just after the 1961 publication of her influential The Death and Life of Great American Cities.

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Post image for Human Anatomy as Portrayed in Woodblocks of 19th-Century Kabuki Actors

The opening of Japan in the 19th century after its isolationist Edo period caused an influx of foreign influence, including Western approaches to medicine.

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Post image for How Anamorphic Paintings Represented the Miracles of the Saints

Which saint you see in this 17th-century painting depends on where you stand.

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Post image for Stroll Through the Color and Light of an American Impressionist’s Garden

As artists like Georges Seurat and Claude Monet were capturing the refinement of European gardens in quick brushstrokes, so did American Impressionists like Childe Hassam and William Merritt Chase turn to the cultivated landscapes around them for inspiration.

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The Art of Fallen Cities

by Allison Meier on August 8, 2016

Post image for The Art of Fallen Cities

BOSTON, MASS. — Having grown up on the Great Plains, the first ruin of the Romantic variety I remember encountering was the shell of the Rock of Cashel in Ireland.

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