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Post image for An Exhibition of 100 Masks Shows Humanity’s Enduring Thirst for Transformation

Around 100 masks of every contorted grimace imaginable, both human and animalistic, are assembled on the top floor of the Rubin Museum of Art for the new exhibition Becoming Another: The Power of Masks.

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Post image for The Bleak Banality of Shopping in Communist Europe

“In a cityscape largely without commercial seduction, the banality of the shop windows underscored a real cultural difference between East and West,” photographer David Hlynsky writes in his introduction to Window-Shopping Through the Iron Curtain.

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Post image for For #MuseumWeek, Institutions Share Their Secrets Online

What are museums hiding in their pasts and inside their collection storage vaults? Some of those secrets (or just lesser-known facts) are being shared by institutions around the world this Museum Week through the hashtag #secretsmw.

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Post image for Africa’s Overlooked Modernist Architecture from an Era of Independence

Futuristic pyramids and boxy concrete forms rose up with the modernist architecture of Africa in the 1960s and ’70s, although beyond the continent the radical forms aren’t widely recognized.

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Post image for Last of China’s Lotus Feet Women

As the last generation of Chinese women with bound feet ages into their final decades, Jo Farrell set out to photograph the survivors of this brutal beauty tradition.

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Post image for The Illustrated Correspondence of Artists

Before people were dropping GIFs into Gmail, letter writers were adding illustrations for that emotional or contextual punch.

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Sum of the Arts

by Allison Meier on March 20, 2015

Post image for Sum of the Arts

Display cases for the 300 artifacts in Vodou: Sacred Powers of Haiti at the Field Museum in Chicago = 0 (to respect the belief that Vodou objects should not be encased)

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Post image for World’s Largest Space for Contemporary Glass Art Lets in the Light

CORNING, NY — This Friday, a luminous new wing of the Corning Museum of Glass opens for the display of contemporary glass art and its molten creation.

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Post image for Our View from the Cosmic Shore: Early Modern Interpretations of Celestial Events

When Milton was writing Paradise Lost in the 17th century, a comet grazed through the sky, inspiring the English poet to describe how Satan “stood Unterrified, and like a comet burn’d.”

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Post image for Dutch Pranksters Punk Museumgoers with IKEA Art

In a playful prank on some art viewers, a roughly €10 work of IKEA art was placed in the galleries of the Museum Arnhem in the Netherlands, where visitors bestowed praise on the impostor.

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