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Post image for Video Games on Smallpox and Thoreau’s Walden Get Government Funding

A 19th-century Philadelphia smallpox epidemic and Henry David Thoreau’s transcendental retreat into the woods are the subjects of two video games awarded grants by the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) this Monday.

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Post image for American Museum of Natural History to Add  218,000-Square-Foot Science Center

The American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) in New York is planning to add a $325 million, 218,000-square-foot science center, the New York Times reported.

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Photographers Expose Their Processes

by Allison Meier on December 10, 2014

Post image for Photographers Expose Their Processes

Some photographers take relentless notes in pocket journals, others share their discoveries in real time on Instagram. The two methods are different approaches to the contemporary photographic process, which is the subject of a new book, Photographers’ Sketchbooks, by Stephen McLaren and Bryan Formhals.

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Post image for Sandy-Ravaged Rockaways Bungalow Reborn as an Artist Residency

Two years on, the effect of Hurricane Sandy is still visible in the Rockaways’s vacant bungalows. Artist Robyn Renee Hasty is imagining one of these storm-wrecked homes as a creative community space, one that could simultaneously be a model of rebuilding with low-impact design.

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Post image for Portraits from Ellis Island’s Abandoned Immigrant Hospital

The Ellis Island hospital, which treated 1.2 million immigrant patients between 1901 and its abandonment in 1954, is once again open to the public. In conjunction with the reopening, the French street artist JR has installed paste ups of archival photographs throughout the building that give a historic, human context to the decrepit space.

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Post image for A Documentary Traces the History of Video Game Graphics

“Game visuals are the most obvious indicator of their technology,” Stuart Brown says in his Pixel Pioneers short documentary series on the graphic history of video games. Last month he released the last of the five-part series on YouTube, concluding with contemporary hyperrealistic graphics that feel light years away from the monochromatic pixels of Pong in 1972.

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Post image for In One of William Blake’s Final Works, the Engraved Trials of an Unfortunate Soul

One of the last series William Blake completed was on the woes of Job, that biblical figure tormented through a bet between God and Satan that his faith was tenuous

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Post image for Inflatable Corsets, Ventilated Top Hats, and Other Failed Victorian Inventions

Many great inventions came out of the Victorian era, from the photograph to the electric lightbulb. The elastic opera hat and the anti-cholera belt, however, are not among their illustrious numbers.

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Post image for The World’s Oldest Art May Be This 430,000-Year-Old Zigzag on a Shell

The history of artistic expression got stretched back a few hundred thousand years this week with the identification of an engraved shell believed to have been carved by Homo erectus. That early human ancestor could rattle the long-held belief that the use of deliberate visual expression is specific to Homo sapiens.

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Post image for Lawsuit Decries Limited Access to New York’s Publicly Funded Mass Grave

Supported by tax payers on a city-owned island, New York City’s potter’s field is one of the country’s most inaccessible publicly funded spaces.

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