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Post image for The Tale of Jean-Gabriel Eynard, Gentleman Daguerreotypist

When the daguerreotype was introduced in 1839, some of the first to support this groundbreaking photographic process were the elite of Europe.

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Post image for A Disappeared Houdini Film Escapes from Obscurity

The great escape artist Harry Houdini starred in five silent films in the early 20th century, but one considered among his best was long considered lost — until now.

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Post image for An Interactive Kandinsky to Consider and Destroy the Elements of Abstract Art

A ghostly bird emerges from an envelope and a pair of triangles transform into a dog in
“Animated Kandinsky,” an interactive version of Wassily Kandinsky’s vibrant 1932 “Decisive Pink.”

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Post image for Getting Lost in the Woods of a Swedish Vampire Tale

With the thick fall of snow over New York in these recent days, the city is the perfect setting for a beautifully staged Swedish vampire tale.

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Post image for Endless Enemies: Photographing Military Training Targets around the World

A 30-year-old memory of a metal figure riddled with bullet holes, standing in the furrows of a German field, finally persuaded photographer Herlinde Koelbl to investigate what military training targets look like around the world.

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Post image for A Century After Being Cast into the River Thames, a Celebrated Typeface Reemerges

Nearly a century after all 2,600 pounds of it were cast into the murky water of London’s River Thames, what remains of the lost Doves Press type has been recovered by divers.

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Post image for 5 Trendsetting Video Games from IndieCade East

This past weekend, the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens hosted Indiecade East 2015 for its third year of independent games, talks, and community networking.

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Post image for Peter Zumthor’s Minimalist Museum for Zinc Mining Takes Shape in Norway

Set to open in the summer of 2016, a sleek museum designed by Swiss architect Peter Zumthor for a Norwegian zinc mine has been over a decade in the making, although parts of the attraction are already in place.

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Post image for A Digital Waterfall That Illuminates the Threat of Air Pollution

Artist Andrea Polli’s “Particle Falls” is a waterfall of light that changes colors from blue to flaming reds and yellows based on real time air quality data.

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Where the Library Gets Its Books

by Allison Meier on February 16, 2015

Post image for Where the Library Gets Its Books

Up on a hill in a guarded compound, not far from where Harvard University keeps its primate labs, a 127,000-square-foot structure holds the heart of the institution’s library.

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