Allison Meier

Post image for New York’s Little-Known Collection of American Artist Palettes

Started in 1871 as an artist sketch club, the Salmagundi Club continues to operate out of the last surviving lower Fifth Avenue brownstone in Manhattan.

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Post image for A Cold Case Victim Is Honored by the Artist Who Reconstructed Her Face

This January at the New York Academy of Art, 11 students sculpted faces for 11 unidentified crime victims as part of a Forensic Sculpture Workshop.

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Post image for Ancient City of Palmyra Threatened as ISIS Nears Outskirts

With news agencies today reporting that ISIS is just outside of Syria’s ancient city of Palmyra, one of the world’s most important archaeological sites is at risk of destruction.

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Post image for Be the Bolshevik Wedge in a Game Inspired by El Lissitzky’s 1919 Propaganda Art

In the game Lissitzky’s Revenge, you are the tiny red triangle against the mighty white circle depicted in El Lissitzky’s 1919 Suprematist poster “Beat the Whites with the Red Wedge.”

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Sum of the Arts

by Allison Meier on May 15, 2015

Post image for Sum of the Arts

In a survey of 150 US art museums, fraction of directors now aged over 60 = 1/3

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Post image for At a Surveillance-Themed Art Fair, Snowden Bust Is the Star

A red light blinking from a gilded security camera greets visitors to Seven’s surveillance-themed Anonymity, no longer an option.

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Post image for Experience Sunset-Colored Ice Cream Cones and Other Art Interludes in Central Park

As the Central Park Conservancy celebrates its 35th year, it’s hard to imagine the decrepit shape much of the park was in when they started revitalization efforts in 1980. As part of its anniversary celebrations, the Conservancy partnered with Creative Time.

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Post image for Broadsides for Broadband: Digitizing the People’s Literature of the 17th Century

Considered the “people’s literature” in the 17th century, broadside ballads were sold for a penny or halfpenny, their pairing of a comic or satiric song alongside a woodblock illustration making them popular bawdy amusement across classes.

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Post image for The Buried Artwork at the New Whitney Museum

While some 600 works in the Whitney Museum of American Art’s collection bask in the light of the new building’s wide windows and roomy galleries, one piece is hidden within the walls.

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Post image for Portraits of Afghani Women Imprisoned for “Moral” Crimes

“The female prison population in Afghanistan overwhelmingly consists of individuals who are serving 5-to-15-year sentences for moral crimes,” Gabriela Maj writes in Almond Garden: Portraits from the Women’s Prisons in Afghanistan, out next month from Daylight Books.

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