Ben La Rocco

Post image for Different Strokes for Jane, or Ekphrasis on Alexis

Pathetic, just pathetic, to expect
Strangers to know your name I guess
Such is the price of fame

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Vilaykorn Sayaphet,

It’s great to look at something that makes the experience of looking seem more important than the need to explain what you saw. Vilaykorn Sayaphet’s exhibition Latmanikham & Thongsy at English Kills Gallery offers just such an opportunity.

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Post image for Single Point Perspective: Munk and Me

In Loren Munk’s painting “An Attempted Documentation of Williamsburg, 1981-2008” (2008-2011), I recognized a slice of my own history in a place I had known well. After a lifetime of looking at paintings, this experience was oddly new to me.

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Post image for Artist Exchange: In Conversation with Craig Olson

Craig Olson’s exhibition Angels and Demons at Play opens today at John Davis Gallery in Hudson, New York. Angels and Demons, along with his October 2012 exhibition at Janet Kurnatowski, signals the shift in Olson’s work away from a more formal abstract painting toward a mercurial approach that hovers between categories and defies explanation.

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Post image for Artist Exchange: In Conversation with Peter Acheson

This is an essay about communication and exchange between painters. It has to do with developing a shared language, and with exploring the nature and extent of our theoretical basis in painting.

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