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You must, and shall, begin every single conversation about Norman Rockwell by addressing the question: “Is it art?” And then you must, and shall, say: “It is illustration.”

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I know what you’re thinking. There can’t be a ‘how to talk about Oscar Murillo’ because we don’t have a decade or so of commentary, he’s too new to have talking points. He’s 28 for God’s sake, you protest.

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Post image for At the Armory Show, Dealer’s Delight

On the penultimate day of the Armory Show, galleries were reporting sold out booths, sales pushed from in-house inventory, new connections and clients discovered, and not one bit of weariness.

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Post image for How to Talk About Art: Christopher Wool Edition (#H2TAA)

Even though Wool has been blue-chip long enough (since 2010) to make him a staple on a newbie collector’s wish list and the likely star of many a speculator’s wet dream, post-auction media rhapsodizing about the “record price” “achieved” by his 1988 painting “Apocalypse Now” has become the gateway to any conversation about him, at least for the next week or so — or until the show at the Guggenheim ends.

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Post image for How to Talk About Art: Banksy’s 3 Ps (#H2TAA)

The best way to begin talking about Banksy, right now, following his October New York Residency, would be to NOT talk about Banksy. Not just because of the press overload, but because there’s something big that the media has been ignoring … and that’s context.

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Post image for How to Talk About Art: Francis Bacon and Lucien Freud Edition (#H2TAA)

As Christie’s preps to sell off Francis Bacon’s “Three Studies of Lucian Freud” for a possible record price of $100 million, it may be a good time to bone up on your talking points for both of these canonized artists.

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Post image for How to Talk About Art: Brevity Is Not Sol LeWitt Edition (#H2TAA)

Did I hear you sigh with half relief/half regret thinking you would never have to talk about Sol LeWitt again? Poor fool, that time will never come!

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Post image for Will the Art Market Ever Regulate Itself?

Regulation in the world of art commerce is a troublesome word.

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Post image for Mr. Brainwash’s Brain-dead Copyright Defense

Warhol settled three times, and then played by the rules. Jeff Koons settled four times and then won. Sherry Levine avoids intellectual property pitfalls by agreeing not to sell. The Shep lost a big one to AP, but has otherwise ducked controversy. And Richard Prince currently rules the co-opting cadre with his recent appeals court trouncing of photographer Patrick Cariou. In each case, the defendants seemed to have learned some lessons, done their homework, and wrestled the law to the ground.

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Richard Prince: Back in Black!

by Cat Weaver on April 26, 2013

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Wednesday night, a decision by a three-judge appellate court panel marked a turnaround in the closely watched copyright infringement case Cariou v. Prince, pitting photographer Patrick Cariou against art star Richard Prince. Hyperallergic consults intellectual property expert Peter Friedman on the new outcome, with further exclusive commentary from Cariou’s attorney.

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