Daniel Larkin

Post image for A Dance of Digital Shadows

Technologies that didn’t exist 10 years are opening up fresh possibilities for choreographers and their collaborators. Interactive designer Matt Romein’s recent collaborative presentation with choreographer Sophie Sotsky harnessed new developments in motion-capture technology, video programming language, and sound editing to create a truly contemporary dance performance.

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Post image for Voguing Andy Warhol in Whiteface

In the early 1980s, Andy Warhol posed in drag for a series of Polaroid portraits. Wearing heavy white makeup in works like “Self-Portrait in Drag” (1981), he exudes a ghoulish glamour.

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Post image for Is the Planet Screwed? Artists at Bushwick Open Studios Ponder Nature’s Future

It’s no secret that climate change and pollution are wrecking the planet. Many artists at the Bushwick Open Studios were internalizing the doom and visualizing the gloom.

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Post image for Harlem ‘Hot House’ Reimagines Heaven and Hell

Artists have transformed a vacant townhouse in Spanish Harlem for New York’s 2014 Frieze weekend. The temporary exhibition, Hot House, spans three different levels loosely corresponding to the three parts of Dante’s Divine Comedy (1308–21): the basement is the Inferno, the middle section of the house is Purgatory, and the top is Paradise.

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Post image for How Laurie Simmons Makes Dolls Lie

Laurie Simmons isn’t the first photographer to snap pictures of dolls, but she has a way of getting them to look eerily emotive (and making them take selfies). She pulls off the uncanny by aestheticizing several layers of lies.

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Post image for Queering Cartography and Theology

Earlier this week at the Union Theological Seminary, I sensed that someone in power must have a wicked sense of humor.

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Post image for Brief Interventions with Hideous Men

Oscar Wilde was suspicious of men in suits. He once famously remarked that “with an evening coat and a white tie, even a stock broker can gain a reputation for being civilized.”

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Post image for Hans Hofmann’s Purple Modernism

In the realm of high-modern abstract painting, the color purple rarely gets the spotlight. So it’s exciting to watch Hans Hofmann play with purple and give it center stage in a pair of works on view right now at Ameringer McEnery Yohe.

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Does White Privilege Make You Sweat?

by Daniel Larkin on November 14, 2013

Post image for Does White Privilege Make You Sweat?

It’s difficult to create art about white privilege. Though one can easily enough declare that white privilege is bad, distilling all its paradoxes into a poignant artistic image is challenging. And when an artist succeeds, it commands attention.

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Post image for An Encounter With Performance Art’s Mole King

Moles have been underrated by art history. They don’t flaunt it like baroque peacocks, glow like medieval dragons, or bask in contradictions like post-modern minotaurs. But by burrowing tunnels, they blaze new paths and create alternate worlds under our feet.

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