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Post image for The Queer Matter of Shakespeare’s Sonnets

A not-so-minor detail was left out of a recent New York Times review of Robert Wilson’s reinterpretation of Shakespeare’s Sonnets at the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM): The sonnets were the gayest thing the Bard ever wrote.

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Harlem Is the Place

by Daniel Larkin on October 22, 2014

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Harlem, like the rest of New York, is changing. The exhibition Sense of Place at Tatiana Pagés Gallery — part of the Hyperplace Harlem arts festival, which ran October 4 to 6 — rightly explores place more as a conundrum than a settled concept.

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Post image for How Proust Would Explore the West Village

Elastic City is shaking up the idea of walking, and it doesn’t involve tours. One of the organization’s recent art walks, titled “Favorites,” was a saunter through the West Village led by writer Sarah Schulman, performance artist and director Niegel Smith, and Elastic City founder Todd Shalom.

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Film Strips Shining Like Stained Glass

by Daniel Larkin on September 25, 2014

Jennifer West, 'Flashlight Filmstrip Projections' (2014)

PORTLAND, Oregon — A cavernous room in an abandoned factory that once made window coverings is showcasing a different kind of window. Artist Jennifer West has installed a set of transparent plexiglass frames covered with strips of 35mm and 70mm film.

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When Drag Queens Crowd Surf

by Daniel Larkin on September 22, 2014

Post image for When Drag Queens Crowd Surf

PORTLAND, Oregon — Pepper Pepper went crowd surfing at her recent drag ball. Declaring to the crowd that it was all about collectivism, she dove out into the sea of hands with a large set of balloons attached to her back.

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Machismo Ain’t Just for Boys Anymore

by Daniel Larkin on September 17, 2014

Eisa Jocson's Macho Dancer as part of PICA's TBA2014

PORTLAND, Oregon — “Macho doesn’t prove mucho,” socialite and actress Zsa Zsa Gabor once punned.

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The Folly of Performance

by Daniel Larkin on September 9, 2014

Post image for The Folly of Performance

Performance art doesn’t have to be so heavy. It can be light, like diving head-first into the trash, in Tamar Ettun’s case.

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Before Selfies, There Were Self-Timers

by Daniel Larkin on September 4, 2014

Birgit Juergenssen,

People were photographing themselves long before the advent of iPhones. A collection of proto-selfies from the mid to late 20th century come together at the Austrian Cultural Forum for the summer exhibition Self-Timer Stories, curated by Felicitas Thun-Hohenstein.

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Post image for Would You Ignore 101 Chalk Outlines of a Black Male Body?

Whitney V. Hunter staged a performance as protest at Union Square on Saturday, August 24. He laid down on the cobbled square and traced his silhouette 101 times in chalk.

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A Dance of Digital Shadows

by Daniel Larkin on June 27, 2014

Post image for A Dance of Digital Shadows

Technologies that didn’t exist 10 years are opening up fresh possibilities for choreographers and their collaborators. Interactive designer Matt Romein’s recent collaborative presentation with choreographer Sophie Sotsky harnessed new developments in motion-capture technology, video programming language, and sound editing to create a truly contemporary dance performance.

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