Ellen Pearlman

Post image for The Sound Of Two Borders Dissolving

HONG KONG — Unlike the Berlin Wall, which began with the division of post-World War II spoils, or the Israeli West Bank barrier, which divides parts of Israel and Palestine, the Shenzhen/Hong Kong fence, or “Frontier Closed Area,” has as much security power as wet tissue paper.

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Post image for Transmediale Festival Shuts Down NSA Imitators

Julian Oliver and Danja Vasiliev, two artists participating in Berlin’s Transmediale 2014 (January 29–February 2), had an artwork summarily disabled at the festival last month because the piece uses the same technology as the National Security Agency (NSA) to hijack cell phone information.

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Post image for With ‘Ink’ Show, Met Dives Into Contemporary Chinese Art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s first full-on foray into the world of contemporary Chinese art, Ink Art: Past As Present In Contemporary China surveys 70 works by 35 artists.

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Post image for 250 Artists Participate in Hong Kong’s 2014 Fotanian Open Studios

HONG KONG — Eighty-eight studios with over 250 artists participated in this year’s Fotanian Open Studios, which meant unless you wanted a marathon experience you could view only a fraction of what was on display.

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Post image for A Performance Artist’s Tribute to Nelson Mandela

On December 11, performance artist and sculptor Angela Freiberger offered a succinct and touching “Homage to Mandela” at the Tambaran Gallery.

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A Broken Word Opera

by Ellen Pearlman on December 2, 2013

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Joe Diebes, a composer and creator of “performance environments” showcased his latest piece BOTCH, part of his three-year artist residency at Manhattan’s HERE Arts Center.

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Post image for All Style, No Substance: Williamsburg in 3D

Stereoscopic, or 3D, vision is a technique usually associated these days with blockbuster movies. But, using a simple stereo camera, Carlton Bright rollerbladed around Williamsburg from 2003 to 2013 documenting a series of “modules” or “vignettes” about the neighborhood he loves and calls home.

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Post image for The Quirky Invincibility of Mr. Dead and Mrs. Free

The Squat Theater, an itinerate group of mostly Hungarian political theatre emigrés decamped to NY in the 1970’s, barreling and slaking their way through the uber-outré squalor of an infrastructure challenged city, then self-imploded circa 1985.

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Post image for The Mordant Absence of Sophie Calle

Sophie Calle creates narrative fictions about tremendous loss, using stories to “protect” her from bitterness. Her life is her art and her art is her life, which makes her pieces either irrepressibly cloying or profoundly moving.

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Post image for Timeless Amniotic Bubble: William Basinski’s Analogue Noise

William Basinski, self-described composer of “experimental electronic ambient music,” played selections from his new CD Nocturnes at Issue Project Room’s Ten Years Alive on the Infinite Plain celebration recently held at its majestically renovated downtown Brooklyn location.

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