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Post image for Cooper Union Responds to Occupation During Supporters’ Day of Action

96 hours into the student occupation of the Cooper Union’s historic clock tower, Jolene Travis, Assistant Director of Public Affairs, Media Relations at Cooper Union released a statement to the press and on Cooper’s website today regarding the situation. The press release may have been timed to coincide with a second Day of Action planned by students, faculty, and alumni in support of the protesters taking place today.

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Post image for Student Protests at Cooper Union Continue into Fourth Day

Yesterday, over sixty students in solidarity with the eleven clock tower occupiers demonstrated outside at the school’s board of trustees meeting, where plans for charging tuition were discussed. According to The Local, three students managed to enter the boardroom before the doors were blocked by security.

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Post image for Student Occupiers Call for Cooper Union President’s Resignation

Students for a Free Cooper Union held a press conference this afternoon, addressing a set of frequently asked questions regarding their occupation of the college’s Foundation Building. Undergraduate art students Rachel Appel and Audrey Snyder served as spokespeople for the 11 students occupying the building’s clock tower and read a prepared statement to a crowd of about 100 press, students, faculty, and other staff and community members.

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Post image for Students Occupy Historic Cooper Union Clock Tower to Protest Tuition Charges

Eleven Cooper Union students have barricaded themselves within the school’s Foundation Building clock tower since noon on December 3rd in protest of the administration’s plan to begin charging tuition for graduate studies for the first time in 110 years.

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Reanimation Library

Does an understanding of professional collecting, as is done in libraries, give us a better understanding of what’s happening on Tumblr, or at least help us better understand how we define curation? I turned to the founder and organizer of the Reanimation Library, artist and professional librarian Andrew Beccone, for his thoughts.

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Post image for Stumbling upon Serendipity at the Havana Biennial

I have never felt I more fully embodied the role of “cultural tourist” than when I visited the 11th Havana Biennial for its opening week.

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The Many Views of Christopher Columbus

by Janelle Grace on October 11, 2011

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October 12, observed yesterday as a holiday, is most commonly known as Columbus Day in the United States, but is also recognized as Dia de la Raza throughout Latin America, as well as Indigenous People’s Day. Fraught with controversy, the various iterations of this holiday reflect the range of perspectives on Christopher Columbus and his legacies. The Columbus Day of my youth celebrates the heroic “discoverer” of the Americas, playing up mythical stories of his genius on insisting the world was round, and often neglecting the icky bits about the ensuing genocide of the indigenous peoples of the Americas.

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Post image for Can Living As Form Relieve My Liberal Guilt?

In order to properly follow up on my experience with Creative Time’s social practice summit, and given my heretofore lack of involvement with #OccupyWallStreet protests, I was pretty much obligated to visit Creative Time’s Living As Form exhibition at the historic Essex Street Market. I mean, the art included, for the most part, is all about progressivism and alternative modes of operating within our faulty society. And community! I love that word, community! As a dutiful citizen of the world, surely taking in an exhibition dedicated to valuing people doing stuff together over commercially-based, materialized practice would amount to me contributing something, somehow. Right?

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Post image for A Question of Community and Conversations About Community: Creative Time’s Summit

Last Friday, I attended Creative Time’s third annual progressive social practice-centered summit, this year held in conjunction with their Living As Form exhibition. The summit was a day-long affair, stuffed to the gills with presentations about current examples of the intersections of art and politics. Over thirty artists, groups and thinkers presented in quick-fire, 8-minute succession, tackling a wide range of concerns, from the recent protests in Madison against the union-busting legislature to squatting to abortion, among other, less specific but otherwise community-oriented projects.

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Post image for How Jonathan Safran Foer Taught Me About Roofies

LONDON — I thought I was going to see Jonathan Safran Foer live and in person Monday night. Sure, it seemed odd that he would randomly be in London with no very recently published book to tour, but who am I to know the details of an acclaimed author’s personal schedule? Literary fun plus art means I’m in.

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