Jillian Steinhauer

Post image for What Do Classical Antiquities Look Like in Color?

Everyone knows that classical sculpture is white. Think of the gleaming marble of artworks like the Belvedere Torso and “Laocoön and His Sons” — the whiteness imparts a kind of purity, a sense of being the ground zero of Western culture, the original from which an entire civilization’s canon has sprung.

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ArtRx LA

by Jillian Steinhauer on October 28, 2014

Isaac Cruikshank,

There’s so much good stuff happening this week, it’s almost hard to keep track. Among our picks are two intriguing performances by three up-and-coming LA artists, two shows devoted to 20th-century artist pioneers, and a discussion of art and political activism. And don’t forget about Halloween — we suggest you celebrate with a demonic show at the Huntington.

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Post image for A Race to the Finish Through Bushwick with Beat Nite

Ah, Beat Nite. A time of magical madness, when we run frantically around Bushwick for four hours, trying to see all the art.

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Post image for CalArts Students Stage Walkout Over Sexual Assault

Students at the California Institute of the Arts — CalArts, as it’s more popularly known — are staging a walkout at 3 o’clock this afternoon in protest of the school’s handling of sexual assault cases. The action, organized by a group of about 20 students, will be followed by a student-led community meeting in the school’s Main Gallery to discuss the issue.

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Post image for Study Confirms What We Already Know About the Importance of Artists’ Authenticity

For all the studies considering how we relate to artwork and artists that are producing fascinating results, there are others that are duds.

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Post image for Using Artist Statement Generators to Make Art

Danny Olda has commissioned six artists to make work based on texts produced by various artist statement generators.

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Gowanus Open Studios 2014

This weekend, 302 artists and arts spaces will open their doors for Gowanus Open Studios (GOS) 2014, running 12–6pm on Saturday and Sunday.

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Post image for Women and Men Looking and Not Looking at Art

For better or for worse, visual art seems to be having a populist moment. On the “better” side of that situation is the fact that more people are taking the time to think about and engage with art; on the “worse” side is that for a number of those people, engaging with art means using it as a backdrop.

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Post image for Striking Mosaic Floor Found in Greek Tomb

Last month, archeologists uncovered two oversize marble caryatids and a colorful marble panel in a substantial tomb complex in Amphipolis, Greece. Now, after excavating behind the sealing wall that the caryatids were guarding, they’ve found a chamber with a large and largely intact mosaic floor.

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Post image for French Museums Will Loan 300 Works to Louvre Abu Dhabi, Including Paintings by Leonardo, Titian, and Picasso

The list of artworks that will be loaned by French museums to the Louvre Abu Dhabi has been released.

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