Joseph Nechvatal

Post image for The Magic of Light and Shadow in Asian Puppet Theater

LISBON — Asian shadow theater is catnip for those with energetic imaginations.

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Post image for The Radical Ambiguity of Henry Darger

PARIS — I first encountered Henry Darger’s doggedly private, colored drawings depicting his opulent fantasy world at the 1997 The Unreality Of Being show at the Museum of American Folk Art.

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Post image for In Budapest’s Galleries, Female Artists Make Their Mark

BUDAPEST — On September 13, I lightly followed the Sunday flow of the Gallery Weekend Budapest festival of Hungarian contemporary art.

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Post image for An Installation that Squeezes the Art Out of Painting

PARIS — Soon, the desire for art that distinguishes itself from pop culture might become like how drugs used to be: a transgressive, covert endeavor.

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A Geometry of Spatial Illusion

by Joseph Nechvatal on August 31, 2015

Post image for A Geometry of Spatial Illusion

PARIS — Felice Varini’s environmental paintings can only be experienced in architectural space.

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Post image for Mourning the Death of Art on the River Styx

PARIS — If you already know that the wizard of entertainment has been swimming in the heart of art, a small boat excursion in the dark sounds more like summertime diversion than enlightening art. And indeed it is.

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Post image for Jesus Looks Like a Lady: A Female Baroque Artist’s Mystical Vision

LISBON — Even as she was the subject of the exhibition The Sacred and the Profane in 1997 at the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington, I had never heard of the Counter-Reformation Baroque (and Bodegón) painter Josefa de Óbidos (1630–1684), before a trip to Lisbon.

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Post image for Kinetic Sculpture that Moves at a Snail-like Pace

PARIS — I particularly admire Pol Bury’s (1922–2005) shimmering, kinetic work when it almost imperceptibly quivers.

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Post image for Photographer Kiripi Katembo, Master of Reflection, Dies at 36

The Congolese photographer, painter, and film producer Kiripi Katembo has died at age 36 of cerebral malaria.

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Post image for What the Lascaux Caves Facsimiles Fail to Capture

PARIS — For many, the Lascaux caves are the honey pot for what became artistic in the Western tradition.

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