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Post image for A Chapman Brother on Making Us Laugh at Human Atrocity

OSLO, Norway — What might for some artists constitute a proud moment, appears to be something of a jape for the Chapman brothers.

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Post image for Theaster Gates Meditates on Construction in a White Cube

LONDON — Theaster Gates’s latest show at White Cube is, surprisingly, largely limited to paintings and sculptures.

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Post image for An Artist’s Installations Coax Memories Out of Historic Spaces

BRIGHTON, UK — Brighton Festival and HOUSE 2015, a contemporary visual arts festival, have put up their headline artist in a hotel notable for its design and feng shui.

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Post image for 365 Poetic Remembrances of the French Revolutionary Calendar

LONDON — The Scottish, London-based artist Ruth Ewan is being perfectly reasonable and polite when she says of the British monarchy: “It’s going to have to go at some point. Whether it’s through social struggle, or a natural event, they’re not going to be around forever.”

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Post image for From 18th-Century Tool Chest to 21st-Century Public Art Project

ROCHESTER, UK — Thanks to an association with Charles Dickens, North Kent is better known for literature than for contemporary art. But a new project by Adam Chodzko connects the two.

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Post image for A Portable Museum Makes Art on the Go

LONDON — Dr. Brad Butler, radical filmmaker, contemporary artist, and international traveller, is bantering with the down-to-earth staff of a bustling London café.

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Post image for A Gallery Looks Back on 40 Years of Showing Art in Brazil

Global recessions and armed crackdowns on protests are undoubtedly bad for art, but the old adage that hardship and suffering fuels creativity comes to mind when looking back at Brazil in the 1970s and considering the improbable success of Galeria Luisa Strina.

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Tom Dale’s Pursuit of Nothingness

by Mark Sheerin on February 3, 2015

Post image for Tom Dale’s Pursuit of Nothingness

SOUTHAMPTON, UK — The British artist Tom Dale works at a time when speed has lost its innocence.

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Post image for With Tech, Satisfying a Need for Artistic Speed

BRIGHTON, UK — Attempting an interview with Chicks on Speed is a logistical challenge, as members of the art and music collective are dispersed around the world.

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Post image for Painting “Peaceful” Rather Than “Perfect”

LONDON — Regarding the use of photographs in painting, it’s no shortcut, at least not in the work of Ben Johnson.

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