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Post image for A Radical ’70s Mural Resurfaces … Next to a Panda Express

LOS ANGELES — I entered UCLA’s Ackerman Student Union hoping to blend in with the student body, find my way to a recently uncovered mural, and document the public’s reactions with an inconspicuous pinhole camera. But the building is a maze of chain eateries. And, after I pass a Carl’s Jr. for the second time, I accept that I’m lost. I turn right at the Jamba Juice and ask for directions.

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Post image for Historic Mexican Mural Preserved in Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES — “You’re taking photos of the screen.” I turn around on the América Tropical Interpretive Center’s viewing platform, perched above a waking Olvera Street in Downtown Los Angeles.

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Photo Essays

Excavating Architectural Photography

by Michael Gabel on November 11, 2013

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LOS ANGELES — A small room at the Getty Center in Los Angeles contains the entire history of architectural photography. In fewer than thirty photographs, In Focus: Architecture charts the timeline of the medium since it usurped drawing as the primary means of building documentation in the mid-nineteenth century.

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Post image for At Los Angeles Bus Stops, a Seat for Public Art

LOS ANGELES — The Do ArT Foundation of L.A. teamed up with Montreal’s Mouvement Art Public (Make Art Public) this summer to … do make art public. By recuperating unsold advertising space on bus benches around downtown L.A., the organizations brought the work of two photographers to the streets.

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Post image for Vanquished Modernism Reconsidered in Pink

LOS ANGELES — Rudolph Schindler was ahead of his time. A protégé of Frank Lloyd Wright and an early adapter of modernism, he introduced a revolutionary form of architecture to Los Angeles in the early 1900s.

Unfortunately, at the time, no one cared.

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Post image for The Architectural Poetry of Lebbeus Woods

LOS ANGELES — “Yeah, yeah, Lebbeus Woods: conceptual architecture … ” said a friend and recent architecture school grad just before I dodged beach traffic and made my way downtown for a new exhibit at The Southern California Institute of Architecture “ … never built anything.”

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