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Capitalism, Reality and Photography

by Tom Winchester on September 15, 2011

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I awoke from a daze when I walked into Boris Mikhailov’s Case History at MoMA. All of the sudden the white walls and sleek designs I’d come to expect from Friday-night strolls were replaced by muted flesh tones and a feeling of being watched. It was almost as if I’d switched roles with the work. Not able to shake the feeling, I began to internally justify why I was so impacted by a few images and listing all the predictable ways they seemed exploitative, but that didn’t help. I’d been affected in a way I couldn’t pinpoint.

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Post image for Christie’s Auction to Benefit Haiti: An Earnest Attempt or Not?

Ben Stiller, David Zwirner and Christie’s are teaming up to raise money for Haitian humanitarian non-profits by selling some of today’s most notable artists’ works. The auction is offering all proceeds to charity, a tax write-off for buyers and a waiver for all fees usually taken by the high-end auction house.

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Post image for Speaking Out Against Commercial Photography as Art

Photographer Jill Greenberg’s show “Glass Ceiling” at Clamp Art presents outtakes from one of her commercial editorials and plays them off as feminist art, but are they?

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In an exhibition titled Every Photo Graph Is In Visible a new Chelsea gallery called Churner and Churner is showing progressive work that reflects the revolutionary attempts attributed to modernists like Man Ray and László Moholy-Nagy. Last week, artist Letha Wilson, met with gallerist Rachel Churner and I to discuss her work and how it paves a new analog path for photography by using materials outside of the medium’s traditional form.

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Post image for A Visual Escape to Sarasota, Florida’s Ringling Museum

I resented Sarasota, Florida when I lived there because no one was young and no art seemed new … Now, I resent New York because nothing seems old … The Ringling Museum in Sarasota has since become my favorite place to escape when I visit Florida …

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