August 2011

Post image for Is Fashion Art, Style Icons & Other Topics with the Director of the Museum at FIT

Among the cringe-worthy capitalizing on alternative lifestyles and incessant branding that permeates the fashion industry, it’s difficult to carve out a public forum to discuss the cultural, political and intellectual importance of what we wear. But the director and chief curator of the Museum at FIT, Valerie Steele is doing a good job as one of the few public personas who speak openly about the importance of clothing and adornment and her latest show on style icon Daphne Guinness.

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Post image for Today Is Your Last Day to Join Mashable’s Facebook Wall “Art Work”

Last week, Benjamin Lotan of Social Printshop stopped by Hyperallergic HQ to chat about his VC-funded art project that explores social media startups. Also, he’s been commissioned by the social media tech site Mashable to create a wallpaper of all their Facebook fans, and there’s still time for you to be part of it!

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Post image for Join Us on Tues Sept 13 to Explore the Art of Sleep

Laurie Frick has been delving deep into sleep, in fact she uses the data to create art works and installations that incorporate the abstractions that emerge from sleep monitoring and she creates rhythmic abstractions that feel sprawling and musical. The project is called Quantifying-me. Join us and discover a new depth to your sleep.

Join us on Tuesday, September 13 at 7:30pm at Hyperallergic HQ as she discusses her evolving project, the ideas that form the foundation of her art and the work she has created so far.

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Post image for This Week In Lawsuits: SpongeBob’s (Not So) Nautical Nonsense

Former SpongeBob SquarePants lead artist Todd White’s slick website includes a section where you can keep abreast of “what’s going on in Todd’s fast-moving world”; currently, it includes clips about his various media appearances, side projects and celebrity [sic] endorsements. What you won’t find, however, is news about a curious series of back-and-worth lawsuits he’s involved in this month.

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A Harajuku Cinderella Story

by Hrag Vartanian on August 31, 2011

Post image for A Harajuku Cinderella Story

This week’s Video Column pick had me at the abstract flatulence. Kyary (aka きゃり or Carrie) started as a Japanese fashion blogger, became a Harajuku fashion mag model, launched a line of fake eyelashes and now (since last month) she’s a Jpop phenom. What’s not to love?

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Public Art Erections

by Claire Breukel on August 31, 2011

Post image for Public Art Erections

Washington, DC — “Dub poet Mutabaruka found it necessary to argue, in a public contribution on the subject, that the statue [Emancipation Monument], which represents a woman and a man, both nude standing in a pool of water and looking upward as a symbolic representation of the spiritual emancipation from Slavery, was ‘gay’ because the male figure did not respond sexually to the presence of the naked female figure.” explains Veerle Poupeye, Director of the National Gallery of Jamaica.

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Dolphins Rape People?

by Hrag Vartanian on August 30, 2011

Post image for Dolphins Rape People?

About a month or two ago, I noticed one particularly hilarious sticker all over Williamsburg that declared DOLPHINS RAPE PEOPLE. Today, our publisher sent me a link and my jaw dropped

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Post image for How a Classic 20th C Photog Started Thinking of Himself as an Artist

At the New York Times Lens blog, James Estrin speaks to curator Alison Nordstrom, who is opening a major retrospective of Lewis Wickes Hine photographs next month at the Henri Cartier-Bresson Foundation in Paris.

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Post image for Art You Can Wipe Your Feet On

The owners of BravinLee aren’t satisfied with simply selling art to hang on the walls. In a new initiative, they’re expanding their inventory to include art to put underneath the coffee table.

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Post image for “New” Portrait of Van Gogh Attracting Scrutiny

A British couple who bought a picture online for £1,500 (roughly US$2,400) may have scored a portrait of the Post-Impressionist master Vincent Van Gogh.

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