Art Movements

by Tiernan Morgan on October 24, 2014

One of six known functioning Apple-1 computers sold at Bonhams for $905,000

This week in art news: Protests held over “anti-semitic” opera, Swiss bank accused of profiting from Nazi loot, and the Henry Ford Museum acquired an Apple-1 computer for $905,000.

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An all-Lego brick recreation of Picasso’s Guernica created by Legoland Discovery Center Westchester’s Master Model Builder Veronica Watson

Tomorrow would be Pablo Picasso’s 133rd birthday. Can you guess what we got him to mark this milestone? If you answered, “a replica of his gut-wrenching rendering of the bombing of a Spanish town made out of children’s building blocks,” you are correct!

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(All images by Lauren Purje for Hyperallergic)

Droit de suite is the notion that artists, their heirs, and estates, should receive an Artist Resale Royalty every time one of their works is subsequently resold. American artists and legislators have been actively battling to introduce a national ARR for almost half a century. Here is our illustrated introduction.

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Post image for The Queer Matter of Shakespeare’s Sonnets

A not-so-minor detail was left out of a recent New York Times review of Robert Wilson’s reinterpretation of Shakespeare’s Sonnets at the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM): The sonnets were the gayest thing the Bard ever wrote.

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Post image for NASA Releases Audio of Space Exploration into the Public Domain

A cosmic collection of sounds from space exploration is now available in the public domain. NASA has launched a sound library starting with over 60 samples of mission control, rockets firing, Sputnik beeping along in orbit, and the eerie harmonies of the universe.

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Does travel help boost creativity?

Last week, we all got a little jealous when we heard that the creative agency ThinkPARALLAX gave its employees $1,500 each and an extra day off to travel the world in search of inspiration. “As owners of a creative agency, we’re always thinking about how to inspire creativity,” a blog post by the firm’s founders read. “Rather than send employees to conferences or a local museum, we thought, what if our whole team is ‘forced’ to travel to a place they’ve never been, to immerse themselves in a new culture and gather inspiration?”

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Post image for Civil War Portraits of the Broken Bodies Sent Home

On the National Museum of Health and Medicine’s Flickr, portraits of wounded Civil War soldiers show the grim resilience, military pride, and shocked resignation in their faces.

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Art in the Loews Hollywood Hotel lobby (photo by Tim Hailand)

The Loews Hollywood Hotel on Los Angeles’s Highland Avenue may look like just another generic hotel, but its lobby benefits from some extra glitter and grit thanks to a pair of large-scale photographs by New York artist Marilyn Minter. Or, rather, its lobby features two large photos tailor-made to look just like Minter’s work, but they are not the genuine article.

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Post image for Your Concise Guide to Exchange Rates Bushwick

Elements both foreign and domestic are soon to descend on the Bushwick section of Brooklyn under the aegis of Exchange Rates, an art exposition featuring artists and galleries imported from a dozen locations — Tacoma to Johannesburg, Glasgow to Beijing — orchestrated by London-based Sluice with local partners Centotto and Theodore:Art.

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