Post image for A Video Installation Immerses You in 1970s Brooklyn

From the window of his apartment at Atlantic and Flatbush Avenues, filmmaker Aldo Tambellini captured the slow changes in Brooklyn street life from 1971 to 1972.

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ArtPrize Is Made of People

by Jillian Steinhauer on October 9, 2015

Post image for ArtPrize Is Made of People

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — All around me, swarms of people with faces caught between eagerness and beleaguerment are gravitating towards a giant paper blow-up of a detail of the American flag.

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Art Movements

by Tiernan Morgan on October 9, 2015

Post image for Art Movements

This week in art news: a rare Tintin drawing sold for $1.25 million, the UK’s first glow-in-the-dark skate park was unveiled, and a rude portrait was found on the back of a Picasso painting.

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Post image for Turkish Officials Discover Locals Dumping Trash in 2,400-Year-Old Tombs

Turkish officials recently discovered that locals in the town of Fethiye were using ancient tombs as storage units.

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Post image for An Ancient Indonesian Music Tradition Gets an Electronic Update

The Gamelatron is the world’s first completely robotic gamelan orchestra — a kinetic, site-specific structure created by Aaron Taylor Kuffner.

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Sum of the Arts

by Allison Meier on October 9, 2015

Post image for Sum of the Arts

Number of artworks that will be installed in the new Minnesota Vikings stadium = 500

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Post image for The Story of an Installation in a Polluted River and Its Subsequent Removal

DES MOINES, Iowa — On June 27th, the third-worst flood in the history of Des Moines, Iowa’s Raccoon River, necessitated the quick and urgent rescue of “Wading Bridge,” the most recent installation by the New York-based artist, Mary Mattingly.

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Post image for French Graffiti Artist Goes to Court to Dispute the Sum of His Fine

The French graffiti artist Azyle, who was arrested in 2007 after 17 years of covering Paris’s metro cars with his distinctive cursive tag, thinks he should pay for what he did.

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Post image for Artists Expose the Ecological Impact of Tech Production

SAN FRANCISCO — In Agbogbloshie — also known as one of the world’s top polluted places and an e-waste dumping ground, located in Ghana along the African coast of the Gulf of Guinea — a young man by the name of Mohammed Camara scavenges for metal to earn money.

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Post image for Cartoonist Pronounced Dead, Believed Murdered by Syrian Regime

According to Souriatnapress, Akram Raslan died in the spring of 2013 while in the custody of the forces of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

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