Post image for A Native American Artist Who Painted Pop and Challenged the Status Quo

PHOENIX, Ariz. — Super Indian: Fritz Scholder, 1967–1980, currently on view at the Phoenix Art Museum, features over 40 oil paintings and prints by the Luiseño artist.

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Post image for Small Gestures of Humanity Amid the Ruins of Civilization

Science fiction is notoriously difficult to stage.

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Post image for Find Andy, the Waldo of the Art World, in ‘Where’s Warhol?’

Waldo, the cartoon protagonist of the famed Where’s Waldo? series, has more in common with Andy Warhol, the godfather of Pop art, than is immediately obvious.

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Essays that Collapse Time

by Cassie da Costa on May 26, 2016

Post image for Essays that Collapse Time

Artist and writer Hannah Black’s videos — including “My Bodies,” “Intensive Care/Hot New Track,” and “The Neck” — combine images, texts, and sounds in a way that seems less about creating tension than exposing it.

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Post image for Developing the Edges of Japanese Photography

The Close to the Edge: New Photography from Japan exhibition at Miyako Yoshinaga looks to position the gallery as an organization that shapes the conversation around historical and contemporary photography from Japan.

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Post image for The Seduction of Inscrutable, Shrouded Paintings

I find it easy to get lost in a painting by Alex Dodge even if I’m not entirely certain what the subject matter is.

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Post image for An Anthology of Queer Art Theory Puts Artists First

Whitechapel Gallery and the MIT Press recently published Queer, the latest addition to Documents of Contemporary Art, a popular series of anthologies on major themes and ideas in contemporary art.

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Post image for Peering into a Caravan Haunted by Marionettes

As the sounds of a storm fill the gallery, the illuminated caravan begins to clatter with life.

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Post image for John Waters Curates a Show of Low-Tech Art in Silicon Valley

SAN FRANCISCO — There’s something deliciously subversive about an old-guard, establishment art gallery mounting an adamantly low-tech, analogue art show that celebrates dysfunction, messiness, and thwarted purpose, and doing it at the vortex of an industry that fetishizes streamlined, enhanced, digitized functionality.

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Post image for Art That Takes Flight Toward a Higher Consciousness

PARIS — An uplifting yet melancholy poetry pervades Ken Matsubara’s show at Galerie Eric Mouchet, Hou-Chou, Releasing Birds, through the flickering of endlessly looped moving images that suggest shadowy ghosts.

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