Post image for Wayfinding through Ruins and Castles in a Governors Island Art Intervention

It’s unlikely you’d notice any of the art in Governors Island’s Visitors without a map, as it’s hiding in an abandoned swimming pool, a nondescript rock in a fortress, and those hulking billboards urban eyes are trained to ignore.

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Post image for Artists of African Descent Don Disguises in the Digital Age

SEATTLE — The Seattle Art Museum (SAM) attempts to confront the nuanced subtext of its vast collection of African masks in the ambitious and delightful exhibition Disguise: Masks and Global African Art.

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Post image for A Handy Beginner’s Guide to Urban Light Projection

The Center for Urban Intervention Research recently released its first printed book, A Manual for Urban Projection, to illustrate the potentials of projection, particularly in urban spaces, whether sanctioned or not.

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Post image for Digital Distractions: Sleepwalking, Glitches, and Junk Mail

In a new monthly series, we’re highlighting a few games, apps, and interactive digital experiences recommended for the art crowd. For September, here’s a simulation of an Italian Renaissance painting guild, a Surrealist puzzler, a glitchy Pac-Man, and the most thought-provoking game on junk mail yet.

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Post image for The Raw and Stylish Designs of 20th-Century American Protest Posters

Three uptown cultural institutions in New York City this summer have had significant exhibitions devoted to the history of art and social activism. Taken together, they paint an arresting portrait of the role of artists in affecting social change.

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Post image for Arlene Shechet’s Unified Theory of Ceramics

BOSTON — The ads for Arlene Shechet’s exhibition All at Once have been intriguing and unsettling.

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Post image for Hip-Hop, ‘Hamilton,’ and the Deficit of Diversity on Broadway

Broadway in 2015 still has a major deficit in diversity.

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Post image for Finding Refuge at a Ball-Pit Beach Inside a Museum

WASHINGTON, DC — If that video of pro surfer Mick Fanning’s near shark attack kept you out of the water this summer, you can still get some fin-free beach time in before Labor Day at the National Building Museum.

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Post image for An Installation that Squeezes the Art Out of Painting

PARIS — Soon, the desire for art that distinguishes itself from pop culture might become like how drugs used to be: a transgressive, covert endeavor.

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A Geometry of Spatial Illusion

by Joseph Nechvatal on August 31, 2015

Post image for A Geometry of Spatial Illusion

PARIS — Felice Varini’s environmental paintings can only be experienced in architectural space.

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