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The Italian director Matarazzo Raffaello was the king of melodrama. He was a populist filmmaker who embraced his audience without contempt.

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Studio Eye

by Jeff McMahon on March 28, 2015

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Walking through In the Studio: Photographs, a three-part show organized by Peter Galassi, former Chief Curator of Photography at New York’s Museum of Modern Art, and spread over several floors of the Gagosian empire on Madison Avenue, the underlying themes of accumulation, storage, labeling, and just plain looking remind us how artists often surround themselves with visual repertories.

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Post image for Confounding the Eye: “Breaking Pattern” at Minus Space

Optical painting has been making its presence felt lately, with its 21st-century manifestation swapping the psychedelia and illusionism of its Sixties progenitor, Op Art, for an emphasis on process, systems and formal interrogation.

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Post image for The Limits of Shedding Light on Grief

Anguished, powerful, and problematic as they are, there is a heavy bar to what images of war and suffering can do, and what they can carry beyond cynicism, voyeurism, or spectacle.

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Post image for Stray Dogs, Argentine Zines, and Subterranean Art at SculptureCenter

The three exhibitions currently on display at Long Island City’s SculptureCenter reveal the institution’s commitment to recognizing broad swaths of contemporary art.

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Post image for A Brooklyn-Born Street Dance Goes Uptown, with Mixed Results

How do you take a form of street dance and bring it, for the first time, to the theatrical stage — and not just any stage, but a 160-foot-long one?

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Post image for Choreographing a Response to Climate Change

Dancing about climate change makes about as much sense as … painting Op art compositions to give stock tips. Or crafting a steel sculpture that instructs viewers how to renew their driver’s licenses. Or composing an opera to review a restaurant.

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Post image for The Sibling Rivalry that Shaped Diane Arbus’s Vision

In Silent Dialogues, art historian Alexander Nemerov, son of former US Poet Laureate Howard Nemerov and nephew of Diane Arbus, traces his father’s evolving attitudes toward photography and his sister’s work in particular.

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Post image for A Gutai Painter Finally Has His Moment in the West

Much attention is being focused on the paintings of the late Japanese Gutai painter and Tendai monk, Kazuo Shiraga (1924–2008), who for years has been collected throughout Europe, even as he has been virtually ignored in the United States.

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Post image for The Work of Four Seriously Funny Women Artists

ATLANTA — Pratfall Tramps at the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center is an exhibition that works by sleight of hand.

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