Landmark: The Fields of Landscape Photography by William A. Ewing

There’s never been much of a unified scene when it comes to capturing landscapes in art, but maybe more even than before artists are very experimental with how to show a stretch of space.

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When Drag Queens Crowd Surf

by Daniel Larkin on September 22, 2014

Post image for When Drag Queens Crowd Surf

PORTLAND, Oregon — Pepper Pepper went crowd surfing at her recent drag ball. Declaring to the crowd that it was all about collectivism, she dove out into the sea of hands with a large set of balloons attached to her back.

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If Yayoi Kusama Designed a Video Game

by Haniya Rae on September 22, 2014

Post image for If Yayoi Kusama Designed a Video Game

Hohokum, a video game where you play a long, thin worm that changes color based on direction, isn’t just an art-ier version of Snakes.

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Afton Wilky’s Clarity Speaks of a Crystal Sea (2014)

To immediately grasp the innovative nature of Afton Wilky’s debut volume Clarity Speaks of a Crystal Sea and to begin to appreciate its exploration of language’s materialities and its playful stretching of the conventions of the codex form, one need only consider its front cover.

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Harriet Korman’s Chromatic and Linear Improvisations

by John Yau on September 21, 2014

Harriet Korman, 'Untitled

The key to Harriet Korman’s work is drawing. However, until this exhibition, Harriet Korman: Line or Edge, Line or Color, New Paintings and Drawings, at Lennon, Weinberg she has tended to show only a few drawings at a time.

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Jack Bilbo,

LONDON — Back in the 1970s, England, the home of such pioneering researchers in the outsider art field as Roger Cardinal and the late Victor Musgrave, played a significant role in calling attention to a subfield which, at that time, was still emerging within the art world’s international terrain.

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Keep Brooklyn Weird

by Lucas Fagen on September 20, 2014

Post image for Keep Brooklyn Weird

Parquet Courts have been compared to Wire, Television, the Velvet Underground, the Modern Lovers, Sonic Youth, the Feelies, the Fall, Minor Threat, Flipper, Guided by Voices, Archers of Loaf, Silkworm, of course Pavement, and I could go on.

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Jenny Holzer,

Is an exhibition ever too beautiful for its own good? Jenny Holzer’s new show at Cheim & Read, Dust Paintings, is ravishing. But the sensuality of these text-based abstractions, done in oil on linen in mostly muted colors, runs counter to their content, which is derived from declassified government reports of brutalization and death during the Afghan War.

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Annika Larsson’s Bodies Politic

by Mostafa Heddaya on September 19, 2014

Installation view, Annika Larsson, 'Introduction'

ROME — In Annika Larsson’s Introduction at the Museo d’Arte Contemporanea Roma (MACRO), the recent political unrest in Europe is cast between the historical and the personal, with two video works accompanying a vast arrangement of printed matter.

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Past, Present, and Future Feminism

by Alexis Clements on September 19, 2014

Post image for Past, Present, and Future Feminism

One of the most important tools for helping feminism reach a wide audience in the 1960s and ’70s was the consciousness-raising (CR) group.

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