Post image for A Three-Year Cinematic Journey Across 25 Countries at the Jewish Museum

Tucked away in a corner of the permanent collection of the Jewish Museum is a little movie theater that transports you far away from the artifacts of Jewish history in the surrounding galleries.

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Post image for The Geometric Origins of Modern Painting in Peru

LIMA, Peru — Geometric abstraction is one of those art movements that, depending on the viewer, either resonates deeply or bores one to tears.

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Post image for The Man Who Harmonized Form, Function, and Friendliness in Corporate Design

Before the 1950s, most advertising was just copywriting paired with an image with little thought to the overall company or visual identity.

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Post image for Fantasy and Utopia in the Metropolitan Museum’s Chinese Fashion Show

China was, and will always be, in its heart of hearts, an empire — whether it is royal, revolutionary, or techno-bureaucratic-communist-cum-capitalist.

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Josh Groban, Canary

by Lucas Fagen on May 24, 2015

Post image for Josh Groban, Canary

Let’s take a moment to examine Josh Groban’s voice, shall we?

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Bruce Conner,

Bruce Conner (1933–2008) was a protean artist, who achieved something that is unlikely to be equaled anytime soon: he reinvented himself in every medium he took up, while remaining true to his perfectionist impulses.

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Installation View of

As one enters Elena del Rivero’s exhibition, Letter from Home: a rendez-vous, at the Josee Bienvenu Gallery (April 16 – May 23, 2015), three 72-by-72 inch canvases hang in folds, like towels on hooks, on the center wall.

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Post image for Speaking the Language of Paint: Karen Schwartz at Life on Mars

The paintings in Karen Schwartz’s show at Life on Mars are big, bold semi-abstractions that skate along the edge of chaos.

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Post image for A Film Portrait of the “Doomsday Vault” that Guards Our Agricultural Biodiversity

On a Norwegian island 810 miles south of the North Pole is a safety net for an agricultural crisis.

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El Anatsui Goes to School

by Melissa Stern on May 21, 2015

Post image for El Anatsui Goes to School

KINDERHOOK, NY — “The School,” Jack Shainman’s splendid gallery in Kinderhook, NY, is about to blow its own roof off.

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