Post image for Wagner with Quotes on: Richard Maxwell’s ‘Isolde’

Director/writer Richard Maxwell was included in the 2012 Whitney Biennial, an unusual, though not undeserved, honor for a theater director. His Isolde, now running at the Abrons Arts Center, is a departure from his recent work, a surprisingly conventional play, which he presents in his customary flat, affectless fashion.

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Post image for Monsters’ Ball: Peter Saul and the Company He Keeps

The great iconoclastic painter Peter Saul, for the first time ever, has turned his hand to curating, gathering together nearly two dozen kindred spirits for a show that revels, as to be expected, in the libidinous and the ravenous, the stunted and the scared, the blinkered and the grotesque — that is to say, humanity. The effect, as to be expected, is sublime.

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Post image for Pace Gallery Plugs Into Silicon Valley

MENLO PARK, California — I’m going to be honest: I haven’t been much of a fan of Pace Gallery in the past, or many of the blue-chip/dynastic galleries, for that matter; I find the programming too centered on celebrities in an attempt to garner press and sales.

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Post image for Taking Identity to the Guillotine with Yinka Shonibare MBE

Yinka Shonibare MBE’s decapitated mannequins in their vibrant batik fabric outfits cavort through a collage of influences that the British-born, Nigeria-raised artist has excavated from the complicated history of culture.

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Post image for How Laurie Simmons Makes Dolls Lie

Laurie Simmons isn’t the first photographer to snap pictures of dolls, but she has a way of getting them to look eerily emotive (and making them take selfies). She pulls off the uncanny by aestheticizing several layers of lies.

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Post image for The Sound Of Two Borders Dissolving

HONG KONG — Unlike the Berlin Wall, which began with the division of post-World War II spoils, or the Israeli West Bank barrier, which divides parts of Israel and Palestine, the Shenzhen/Hong Kong fence, or “Frontier Closed Area,” has as much security power as wet tissue paper.

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Post image for The Power of Tiny Paintings

At the age of 27, painter Eleanor Ray has already made something of a critical splash. As of this writing, her second show of 40 paintings at the gallery has very nearly sold out.

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Post image for Wade Guyton and the Post-Media Question

PARIS — A backshift in the Parisian weather, from spring warm sun to cold gray, complemented the opening of Wade Guyton’s back-titled 26 avril – 7 juin 2008 exhibition at Galerie Chantal Crousel perfectly.

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Post image for Ballet Meets Folk for a “Cornbread Duet”

With old-timey string tunes that’ll lift your spirits and your knees, the Carolina Chocolate Drops know how to get the party hopping like no other revivalist band can.

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Silicon Valley Gets an Art Fair

by Erin Joyce on April 14, 2014

Post image for Silicon Valley Gets an Art Fair

Another day, another art fair. There has been, in recent years, a massive influx of art fairs, to point where it seems like every major city (and some boutique-y destination cities) has their own. Thus was born Silicon Valley Contemporary, which took place April 10–13 at the San Jose McEnry Convention Center in downtown San Jose.

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