Post image for The Politics of Prisons: Ai Weiwei at Alcatraz

SAN FRANCISCO — Stepping into a dingy and suffocatingly small cell, you’re immersed in an intense soundscape of horns and the chanting of Tibetan monks. It’s overwhelming, and as the noise builds and bounces around the cold cement room, you wonder if this is akin to the feeling of being trapped inside the space for days on end.

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Post image for Elementary and Simple: Christopher Williams at MoMA

“The art context is one of the few places where speculative thought and disinterested observation can still happen,” the artist and Kunstakademie Düsseldorf professor Christopher Williams has said. This is a useful delusion.

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Mario Merz,

LONDON — Among the few Italian contemporary art movements that made a mark on the international scene in 20th century, Arte Povera is probably the most interesting.

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Basquiat in the American South

by John d'Addario on October 30, 2014

Jean-Michel Basquiat,

NEW ORLEANS — To see Basquiat and the Bayou, the “exhibition within an exhibition” that by general consensus is the must-see component of the sprawling Prospect.3: Notes for Now biennial triennial that opened in New Orleans on October 25, you need to make your way to the top floor of the Ogden Museum of Southern Art in the city’s Warehouse Arts District.

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Post image for The Psychedelic and Porcine Provocations of Oreet Ashery

LONDON — If you like bacon and don’t have a menial job, here’s the show to make you feel bad.

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    Installation view of Corina Reynolds' 'Northwestern Expansion' at Open Source Gallery

You could be forgiven for thinking there’s been a minor rip in the space-time continuum if you came across Corina Reynolds’s exhibition at Open Source Gallery by chance.

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Detail of Chris Ofili,

A more descriptive subtitle for Chris Ofili: Day and Night, the New Museum’s dazzling survey of Chris Offili’s paintings, sculptures, and works on paper, would be “Day and Night and Day.”

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Chelsea Rae Klein,

SAN FRANCISCO — Can the stories of queer soldiers being marginalized, brutalized, and disenfranchised in the United States be considered dreams, or would it be more appropriate to call them nightmares?

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An Abolitionist’s Work, in Present Tense

by Tara Sheena on October 28, 2014

Post image for An Abolitionist’s Work, in Present Tense

John Brown is so much more than historical matter or biographical trope in Moss’s world; he is an ideological framework, able to produce a compelling, albeit densely layered, performance work.

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Post image for How a Fluxus Pioneer Tuned Televisions to a World of Noise

PARIS — Following on the heels of the Jean Dupuy and Robert Filliou gallery exhibitions, a third radical Fluxus-related artist is receiving a museum-quality gallery show in Paris: Wolf Vostell.

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