Post image for Fagen’s Critical Catalogue (July 2014, Part 2)

In part 2 of this month, reviews of Lana Del Rey, Sam Smith, Indian Ocean, and Kitten.

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Close-up of one of Emery Blagdon's hanging sculptures (2012), wire, found bottles, wire, metallic foil, paint, shells, dimensions variable

Yesterday evening’s nationwide PBS broadcast of Kelly Rush’s new documentary short, Emery Blagdon & His Healing Machine, served as a reminder of just what it is that distinguishes the lives and careers of the most exemplary outsider artists.

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Post image for Man of Letters: Ray Johnson Art in Motion

While the increased availability of Ray Johnson’s letters, notes, and statements subtilizes our understanding of this legendarily well-connected yet enigmatic artist, his flattened logorrheia is also just fun to read.

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Post image for Dispatches from the Gateways to Death Valley

Two rural communities have ominously declared themselves the “Gateway to Death Valley” — Baker, California and Beatty, Nevada — each isolated as the last stop before miles of harsh landscape.

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Still from 'Film ist. a girl & a gun'

A known face at film archives around the world, Austrian filmmaker and architect Gustav Deutsch is one of found footage’s most astute and assiduous artists.

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Minor White’s Vulnerability

by Alicia Eler on July 25, 2014

Minor White, “Untitled (composite print)” (1973)

LOS ANGELES — Minor White’s photographs offer a portrait of a life lived in collaboration with the natural world, other people, and the great beyond. This collection of crisp photographs make up the retrospective Manifestations of the Spirit.

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Adrain Chesser,

There is a loose tribe living at nature’s margins in the United States, slaughtering goats raised by hand at Idaho’s Lost River and picking cherries growing wild in California’s Marble Mountain Wilderness.

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Malevich in his Milieu

by Eva Bezverkhny on July 24, 2014

Kazimir Malevich,

LONDON — The Tate Modern’s Malevich: Revolutionary of Russian Art exhibition explores the career of Kazimir Malevich, presenting a complete image of the painter, sculptor, teacher, and revolutionary member of the early Soviet avant-garde, whose trajectory as an innovative artist mirrored the tumultuous decades surrounding the Soviet revolution.

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Making Art Feel at Home

by Alix Taylor on July 23, 2014

Post image for Making Art Feel at Home

The two rooms of Jason McCoy Gallery currently feature works spanning a wide variety of styles and mediums — from functional design objects, such as wallpaper and stools, to charcoal drawings and fine art textiles — for the group show Domesticity.

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Post image for How a Turn-of-the-Century Painter Influenced Military Camouflage

The newest exhibition at the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum in New York examines the influence of nature on military camouflage.

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