Post image for A Ceramicist Captures Nature’s Fragility

PROVIDENCE, Rhode Island — The environmentalist themes in Jeannie Lynn Hulen’s exhibition at GRIN, Gibberish: Sapient Fool’s Gold, slowly emerge from the whimsical, child-like installation.

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Post image for The Nature of Things: Daisy Youngblood’s Clay, Sticks and Stones

In 2003, Daisy Youngblood collected her MacArthur prize and decamped to Costa Rica. The sculptures in her current solo at McKee Gallery, Daisy Youngblood: Ten Years 2006-2015, covers the work she’s done since, a ménage of animals and humans, clay and hair, rocks and sticks, where the mythic is extracted from the dregs of the earth.

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Post image for Lively Artworks That Make Room for the Mind

There is this one particular color of paint that appears in many of the paintings by Etel Adnan on view right now at Galerie Lelong in New York.

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Post image for In Paintings and Collage, the Beginnings of a New Language

The German artist Charline von Heyl’s current show, Dusseldörf, currently on view at Petzel’s new uptown gallery, presents a group of von Heyl’s early collages and paintings from 1990–1995.

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Post image for An Artist Considers the Trauma of His Two Homelands

LONDON — “Nagorno” is a Russian word for “mountain,” while “Karabakh” is a word of Turkic and Persian origin meaning “black garden.” When joined by a hyphen, the two words denote the boiling point of the Caucasus: Nagorno-Karabakh, a disputed enclave — one of post-Soviet Europe’s “frozen conflicts” — that doubles as a mountainous graveyard.

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Post image for The Painted Pantry of Vermeer’s Milkmaid

At this very moment, Vermeer may be spinning like a lathe in his grave. Or, just maybe, he’s executing a slow, pleasurable shimmy. In either case, the proximate cause would be Walk-In Pantry, an installation at Fridman Gallery by the artist Summer Wheat.

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Post image for A Refreshing Dose of Cynicism-Free Abstraction

Clare Grill is a painter based in Queens. She has shown consistently, if not quietly, over the last few years.

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The Bewildering Beauty of the Ordinary

by John Yau on April 19, 2015

Julia Fish,

I urge viewers not to miss the rare opportunity to linger over Julia Fish’s paintings and drawings, which were last exhibited in New York in 2005. A group of recent works can be seen in Julia Fish: Threshold, currently on display at David Nolan Gallery.

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Post image for The Living, Small-Scale Portraits of Alice Neel

Like her paintings, Alice Neel’s watercolors and drawings, now showing at David Zwirner, wobble and tilt out of proportion, only more so.

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Post image for Human Nests and Other Highlights of African Design

Designer Porky Hefer’s organic capsules are part of Grains of Paradise: Contemporary African Design in collaboration with Southern Guild, a group exhibition at a gallery specializing in contemporary design.

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