Post image for Figurative Painting That’s Emphatically Human

New York City galleries are raining down a smattering of group shows that showcase figurative painting.

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Post image for Two Shows that Expose the Unseen Infrastructure Around Us

The two exhibitions currently on view at the Swiss Institute examine the usually hidden infrastructure of architecture, and their consideration of space makes them particularly fitting: they are the gallery’s final shows before it moves from its current building on Wooster Street to a yet-to-be determined premise.

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Post image for During the RNC, Two Art Projects Amplify the Voices of Ohio’s Citizens

CLEVELAND — Every television ad is for a presidential candidate, the phone rings off the hook with endless robocalls, and people from all over the country knock on the door to make sure I know where to vote.

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Post image for André Masson’s Tortured and Sensuous Automatic Drawings

PARIS — In the polyvalent and multilayered drawings of André Masson, you can sense a free hand in love with its own movement, but not with itself.

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Post image for An Artist Colors Over Our September 11 Wounds

The Life of Forms exhibition, now on view at Mary Boone gallery is a relatively standard summer show smorgasbord, but one artist who stands out to me is Doug Ashford.

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Better Days

by John Yau on July 17, 2016

Post image for Better Days

In 1987, Joe Becker, Lee Collins, and Mark began investigating the possibilities of generating a Universal Coded Character Set (UCS) that would, among other things, enable a computer to encode, transmit, and translate one language into another.

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Post image for Trying (and Failing) to Make Painting Great Again

Here’s the thing about the Make Painting Great Again exhibition at Canada Gallery: I honestly dislike it.

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Post image for A Bedazzled Alternate World Where Death Comes to Life

Raúl de Nieves’s El Rio at Company Gallery is totally alien to Western notions of death.

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Post image for In Cambodia, War Widows Share Their Stories Through Art

BATTAMBANG, Cambodia — The Cambodia War Widows Project, which began seven years ago as a social practice project exploring photography as a form of art therapy, is now having its first gallery installation in Cambodia.

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Post image for A Black Painter Who Found Aesthetic Liberty in the 1960s

LOS ANGELES — At first sight of the Green April exhibition at David Kordansky Gallery, it is fairly obvious that Sam Gilliam is a marvelous painter who is sensitive to color and hue, shade and saturation, and able to create vibrantly interstitial zones where an object is not quite itself and not yet something else.

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