Post image for Personal Takes on the Realities of Colonialism

LONDON — How do you tell a story that does not want to be told?

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Post image for Weather Report: Hito Steyerl’s Documentary Forecast for the Digital Age

For the last several years now, as the credits roll at the end of her films, artist Hito Steyerl’s name, rather than appearing alongside the typical “Written and Directed by,” is listed with roles (or non-roles) considerably more blurred and expressionistic.

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Post image for Exploring the Terrain of Contemporary Native American Art

Where are the indigenous stories, communities, and artists within “American” contemporary art?

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Post image for A Project that Lets You Control Music with Your Mind

With new technology comes new opportunities to augment our reality, and two art projects now on view in Brooklyn experiment with our interaction with sound through electronic devices.

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Post image for Abstract Paintings that Reflect the Rhythms of Our Time

In terms of freewheeling, soul-bearing angst, Abstract Expressionism might once seemed to have had the final word.

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Tom Burckhardt’s Arrival

by John Yau on May 17, 2015

Tom Burckhardt,

Tom Burckhardt just keeps getting better and better.

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Judith Bernstein,

Sometimes you think you have a handle on an artist’s work, and then a new piece of information comes along that casts it in an entirely different light.

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Post image for The 2015 NADA New York Art Fair in 25 Superlatives

The 2015 Armory Show is barely two months cold, and already another art fair week is upon us.

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Post image for Painting According to Frieze New York

It’s been about a hundred years since Kazimir Malevich supplanted all imagery in painting with iconic shapes that point not to this world but to one he thought would come.

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Post image for At a Surveillance-Themed Art Fair, Snowden Bust Is the Star

A red light blinking from a gilded security camera greets visitors to Seven’s surveillance-themed Anonymity, no longer an option.

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