Post image for John Waters Curates a Show of Low-Tech Art in Silicon Valley

SAN FRANCISCO — There’s something deliciously subversive about an old-guard, establishment art gallery mounting an adamantly low-tech, analogue art show that celebrates dysfunction, messiness, and thwarted purpose, and doing it at the vortex of an industry that fetishizes streamlined, enhanced, digitized functionality.

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Post image for Art That Takes Flight Toward a Higher Consciousness

PARIS — An uplifting yet melancholy poetry pervades Ken Matsubara’s show at Galerie Eric Mouchet, Hou-Chou, Releasing Birds, through the flickering of endlessly looped moving images that suggest shadowy ghosts.

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Post image for A History of Detroit Through Its Bricks

DETROIT — Object-oriented ontology suggests that inanimate objects have lives and wider spheres of experience than the ways in which they relate to humans.

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Fabricated Galaxies: On Stanley Boxer

by Tim Keane on May 21, 2016

Post image for Fabricated Galaxies: On Stanley Boxer

Painter Stanley Boxer used the term “manufacture” to describe his process.

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Post image for And Then There Is Using Whatever Happens: Quentin Morris’s ‘Untitled’

When Quentin Morris begins a painting the only thing he knows is that it will be black.

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Post image for Inclusive, Eclectic, Dazzling: The Paintings of Katherine Tzu-Lan Mann

Mann begins each work with splashes of ink and water across the surface of the paper, prompting a series of painterly moves that invariably lead to extreme, layered, engulfing complexity.

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Post image for Sexual and Playful Inflatable Bodies

PHILADELPHIA — Nancy Davidson’s sculptures have a bombastic quality, like an overbearing, gaudily dressed aunt who has just arrived late to a family gathering.

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Post image for An Evening of Modern Dance in Need of an Authority Figure

I received an invitation to attend a show titled “Authority Figure,” subtitled: “An immersive choreography exploring our relationships to surveillance, big data, and policing as it mingles with our psychology.”

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Post image for Moyra Davey Channels the Ghost of Derek Jarman

7 Albums is elliptical; it is poetic. The show works as an additive — but one that’s both nuanced and gentle.

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Post image for For a World Losing Its Head, an Artist Proffers Shamanism as a Solution

The terror incited by the sight of heads rolling down the plank of a guillotine one after another is difficult to conjure in the 21st century.

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