Post image for Conjuring a Piece of the Earth by Its Outline

Upon entering Odetta gallery in Bushwick, one is confronted with an irregular but geometric plywood sculpture that nearly fills the space, hovering within an inch of the floor.

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Post image for Three Artists Blur the Line Between Art and Play

DETROIT — It’s an art world convention for conceptual art to be disruptive, or at least leave the viewer feeling unsettled, somewhat uncomfortable.

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Post image for In Phnom Penh, an Artist Confronts the City’s Deadly Traffic

PHNOM PENH, Cambodia — In Phnom Penh, cars drive like motorcycles, motorcycles drive between lanes and on sidewalks, and even the police don’t seem to care much about traffic lights.

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Post image for Between Fantasy and Realism, Bo Bartlett Unmoors His Visions from the Everyday

On the same block where Bo Bartlett’s first solo exhibition in New York opened 35 years ago, Ameringer | McEnery | Yohe is giving audiences a sneak peek into the much anticipated Bo Bartlett Center, set to open in Columbus, Georgia next fall.

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Post image for Digital Colonialism and the Marginalization of Australia’s Indigenous Peoples

LONDON — Inside Furtherfield Gallery, one is confronted by the noxious fruits of British colonialism.

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A Poet’s Paintings, In and Out of the Void

by Tim Keane on August 6, 2016

Post image for A Poet’s Paintings, In and Out of the Void

“I never wanted to be a poet,” says the famously prolific poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti in “More Light,” an autobiographical essay about his first ambitions as a painter.

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Post image for When a Splotch Isn’t Just a Splotch

This two-gallery extravaganza takes up the tricky gambit of featuring “artists whose work involves a methodical and controlled process of creating seemingly freeform or random daubs and spots.”

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Post image for Artists Share Their Personal, Tragic Experiences in Health and Care

In the small foyer of the 8th Floor gallery, a video shows artist Carmen Papalia with a bullhorn in place of a cane — Papalia, who is blind, beckons those who pass him as he strolls the sidewalk of a busy Vancouver street, making a public declaration of his need to cross.

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Post image for Portraits of the Self as Tickets to Paradise

What does it mean to be “in heaven” in our moment in time?

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Post image for Art Under the Influence of a Day Job

Now showing at David Zwirner, People Who Work Here is a celebration of the many artists who help run one of the world’s most powerful galleries.

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