Post image for When a Body Is Reduced to Material for an Artwork

MIAMI — Laura Lima’s The Inverse isn’t experienced so much as it’s encountered: the massive swath of rope, deep blue and thickly knotted, traverses the entirety of the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) Miami’s Atrium Gallery, looping itself over beams and columns and scraping the floor.

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Post image for All in the Smooth, White, Vacant-Eyed Family of Contemporary Figurative Sculpture

PHILADELPHIA — Once upon a time, at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, there lived a family of sculptures. They were all smooth, white, and vacant-eyed.

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Post image for A Hands-On Experience with Harry Bertoia’s Sonic Sculptures

After his death in 1978, Harry Bertoia was interred beneath one of his most impressive sonic works: a 2,000-pound, 10-foot-in-diameter silicon bronze gong.

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Post image for Performances that Probe the Potential of Being

When I was in graduate school, one of the ideas favored by feminist and queer scholars and students of continental philosophy was the notion of “becoming,” as conveyed by Gilles Deleuze.

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Post image for A Miniature Version of the Broad Museum Parodies the Art World

LOS ANGELES — Scott Marvel Cassidy’s art makes viewers do a double take.

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Post image for A Cherokee Fashion Designer Who Mixed Native Modernism with Midcentury Trends

SANTA FE, NM — The worlds of fashion and fine art often collide, both in the museum and on the runway.

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Fault Line

by John Yau on July 17, 2016

Post image for Fault Line

The first paragraph of Lev Manovich’s groundbreaking essay, “Database as Symbolic Form” (1999) came to mind about three minutes after I began pouring over the weird, wacky, wild and wooly stuff displayed under glass in Tony Oursler: The Imponderable Archive at the Hessel Museum of Art.

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Post image for In Switzerland, Art Brut Goes Back to Its Roots

LAUSANNE, Switzerland — The roots of art brut, as a field of research, may go back a century or more, effectively (if perhaps unwittingly) tracing the evolution of this unusual art genre in parallel with but separate from that of modern art.

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Post image for Contemplating Perfection and Imperfection at Dia:Beacon

A visit last weekend to Dia:Beacon, the vast repository of Minimalist art on the east bank of the Hudson River, brought home once more the complexities and contradictions of a movement whose goal was to be as plain as the nose on your face.

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Post image for In Ireland, a Biennial Examines the Vestiges of Empire

LIMERICK, Ireland — Still (the) Barbarians is the bold title for this year’s EVA International Biennial in Limerick.

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