Post image for Recovering Abstraction: McArthur Binion’s Intimate Grids

McArthur Binion’s exhibition, Re: Mine, currently at Galerie Lelong stirred up a swarm of associations while I was looking at it, and the buzz did not die down after I left the gallery and decided to walk home amidst the late afternoon din of Manhattan traffic and people in a rush to get home.

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Taking His Chance: John Cage’s Diary

by Alan Gilbert on October 3, 2015

Post image for Taking His Chance: John Cage’s Diary

One of the minor ironies of the postwar avant-garde is that an artist so resolutely against personal expression and the myth of the inspired genius should become the focus of a cult of personality.

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On ‘Amy’ and ‘Ex Machina’ 

by Cynthia Cruz on October 3, 2015

Post image for On ‘Amy’ and ‘Ex Machina’ 

Asif Kapadia’s documentary Amy reconstructs the late singer, Amy Winehouse, by giving the viewer the full story, Amy’s entire life from girlhood until her death.

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Post image for Every Picture in the World: William Buchina’s Dream Logic

William Buchina’s disquieting, enigmatic, and prodigiously complex paintings are one artist’s answer to the relentless media barrage that defines our visual culture, counteracting its torrent of images with a seemingly inexhaustible barrage of his own.

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Post image for Inventive Twitter Projects Monitor Air Quality, Calm Chemo Patients, and More

At last month’s London Design Festival, six projects considered how Twitter might enable interactions beyond verbal communication.

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Post image for An Artist Couple Explores the Sexy and Not-So-Sexy Realities of Intimacy

DETROIT — Intimacy is often falsely billed as romantic.

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Post image for A Pair of Filmmakers Captures the World in 16mm

The films of Nathaniel Dorsky and Jerome Hiler are silent, brief, and sagely meandering — luminous contemplations of life, film, and the intimacies between the two.

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Post image for The Radical Ambiguity of Henry Darger

PARIS — I first encountered Henry Darger’s doggedly private, colored drawings depicting his opulent fantasy world at the 1997 The Unreality Of Being show at the Museum of American Folk Art.

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Post image for An Artist Transforms His Sketchbooks into a Story

Why does one publish a sketchbook? What unmoored narratives does an artist allow to be revealed, and what obligation does she have to collect her thoughts cohesively?

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Post image for An Homage to Thailand’s History and Elegy for Its Future

The films of Apichatpong Weerasethakul are inspired by a poetics of everyday life poised between two extremes.

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