Post image for The Relics of Victorian Natural History in Eye-Popping Stereoscope

Natural history storerooms are a bit like drowned Noah’s Arks, with specimens from every realm of the animal world posthumously preserved.

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Post image for A History of Detroit Through Its Bricks

DETROIT — Object-oriented ontology suggests that inanimate objects have lives and wider spheres of experience than the ways in which they relate to humans.

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Post image for The Photographers of 1870s London Who Documented Their Disappearing City

The idea of capturing something in photography before it disappears dates back almost to the dawn of the medium.

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Post image for A Monumental Critique of Empire, from Napoleonic to Corporate Times

PARIS — Scattered throughout the cavernous nave of the Grand Palais are mountains of shipping containers.

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Post image for Reader’s Diary: Lorraine Lupo’s ‘By Way Of’

Cards on the table: I prefer short poems to long ones, slender bodies of work to massive ones. So naturally, I consider the best way to read poetry is not in a book, but in a chapbook.

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Esperanza Spalding’s Flow

by Lucas Fagen on May 21, 2016

Post image for Esperanza Spalding’s Flow

During the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards ceremony in 2011, jazz bassist Esperanza Spalding was awarded Best New Artist, a trophy assumed earmarked for Justin Bieber (who else?), and the scandal that ensued changed the recording industry forever.

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Fabricated Galaxies: On Stanley Boxer

by Tim Keane on May 21, 2016

Post image for Fabricated Galaxies: On Stanley Boxer

Painter Stanley Boxer used the term “manufacture” to describe his process.

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Post image for And Then There Is Using Whatever Happens: Quentin Morris’s ‘Untitled’

When Quentin Morris begins a painting the only thing he knows is that it will be black.

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Post image for Inclusive, Eclectic, Dazzling: The Paintings of Katherine Tzu-Lan Mann

Mann begins each work with splashes of ink and water across the surface of the paper, prompting a series of painterly moves that invariably lead to extreme, layered, engulfing complexity.

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Post image for Surreal Sculptures Come to Life in Yeasayer’s Trippy New Video

“Where’s my head?” sing Chris Keating and Anand Wilder of psych-pop band Yeasayer in “Silly Me,” a track off their new album Amen & Goodbye.

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