Post image for Austria’s Oswald Oberhuber: A Lifetime of Unstoppable Art-Making, Observed

VIENNA, AUSTRIA — Achtung, baby! The time has come for a comprehensive examination of the wildly diverse, voluminous oeuvre of the Austrian modern artist Oswald Oberhuber.

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Post image for When Art Spills Beyond Its Curatorial Frames

There has been a good deal of conversation in the last few years around the subject of Congressional district gerrymandering, a process by which the boundaries of an electoral constituency are manipulated to favor a political party or a class.

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Post image for JR’s Photoshop Trompe l’Oeil at the Louvre

PARIS — We have long loved our illusions.

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What Urban Landscapes Leave Behind

by Seph Rodney on June 24, 2016

Post image for What Urban Landscapes Leave Behind

In some ways it makes sense that Valeri Larko, a committed plein air painter, would have an exhibition, Bronx Focus: Paintings by Valeri Larko, at the Bronx Museum of the Arts that essentially chronicles the changing landscape of the borough.

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Post image for Weaving Together Current Events, with a Touch of Fantasy

Here we are, it’s June — exam time. A prompt from the art history final: “Discuss an example of a ‘history painting’ that depicted current events. What would ‘history painting’ look like in the present?”

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Post image for The 9th Berlin Biennale: A Vast Obsolescent Pageant of Irrelevance

BERLIN — BB9 is so vacuous, ideologically apathetic, ahistorical, sarcastic, and dehumanizing, it’s a wonder it hasn’t been blacklisted solely on account of its conformity to commodity fetishism.

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Post image for The Hazy Chronicles of a CIA-backed Coup

Historical exhibitions tend to consistently draw large audiences — the curious, scholars, or just those who like a cracking good story.

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Post image for A Digital Reboot of Félix González-Torres’s Memorial to Victims of Gun Violence

Artworld polymath Greg Allen has made an odd, ritualistic, perhaps metaphorical memorial.

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Post image for The Lasting Effects of a Broken Home in a Follow-Up to a 1983 Documentary

Martin Bell’s Streetwise (1984) endures. It’s a documentary that has spawned countless discussions on homeless children over the years.

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Post image for Death and Death and Death by Warhol

Venus Over Manhattan is sparely hung, dimly lit, and cavernous. The mood is somber, appropriate to 1% big money ventures and for contemplating 18 versions of Andy Warhol’s sinister “Little Electric Chair” (1964) canvases.

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