Post image for An Exhibition Goes in Search of Victor Hugo’s Artistic Libido

PARIS — With Eros Hugo: Between Modesty and Excess, the Maison Victor Hugo offers up a fervent paradox: how can an author lead a bawdy and risqué lifestyle while handling the subject of sex prudishly in his virtuosic writings?

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Post image for A Japanese Artist Who Sculpted Rather Than Painted His Canvases

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — All of the frustration and sense of dislocation the Second World War had caused Yoshishige Furukawa was visible in the self-portrait he made after all his works were destroyed in air raids that burned down his parents’ home.

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Post image for Photos of Elizabeth Taylor’s Home Capture Its Beauty and Banality

Like a closed curtain at the beginning of a performance, a red, wavy material with the name “Elizabeth Taylor” emblazoned in white lettering fills the frame.

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Mining Flickr for 1 Million Moons

by Claire Voon on February 11, 2016

Post image for Mining Flickr for 1 Million Moons

In terms of things we photograph the most, the moon probably ranks pretty high, especially when it floats in the cosmos as a full-bodied orb.

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Post image for The Historical and Fictional Worlds of Nari Ward

MIAMI — At the Pérez Art Museum, Nari Ward’s retrospective looks at simulations of paradise.

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Post image for The Short-lived 1940s NYC Tabloid That “Dared to Tell the Truth”

The New York PM Daily only lasted from 1940 to 1948, but in its short run it served as a vital progressive voice in New York City and promoted groundbreaking photography to accompany its stories.

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Post image for Marcel Dzama and Raymond Pettibon’s Weird Mind Meld

Gumby, surfers, penises, Batman and Robin, naked ladies with machine guns, Diamond Dogs-era David Bowie, bats and skulls, Charles Manson, dancers in polka dot dresses: These are a few of the motifs that crop up in Forgetting the Hand, a show of collaborative works by artists Raymond Pettibon and Marcel Dzama at David Zwirner Gallery.

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Post image for A Curatorial Project Explores What It Means to Organize Your Own Community

PHILADELPHIA — What’s the best way to engage a person in caring for someone different from him/herself?

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Post image for Brooklyn Museum’s Activist Art Show Is a Messy Collision of Curation and Politics

Agitprop! ought to be an outstanding exhibition of politically engaged art. A feverish amalgam of historic and contemporary artwork, the exhibition is undermined by an ambitious but poorly executed curatorial strategy.

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Post image for Injecting Conversations on Gender, Race, and Gay Rights into Thornton Wilder’s ‘Our Town’

If the function of architecture is to create contemplative spaces, then the theater has become a place for ghosts.

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