Rainy Day Woman: Jane Wilson Re-Visions Reality

by Tim Keane on October 18, 2014

Jane Wilson in her studio, 2095 Broadway, New York. January 8, 1999

Some sixty years ago, when she was a young artist involved in the downtown New York City scene, Jane Wilson stopped trying to be an Abstract Expressionist.

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Robert Gober. “Untitled” (2005-2006)

The sprawling, high-ceilinged contemporary art gallery on the second floor of the Museum of Modern Art might have been built for Richard Serra, but Robert Gober owns it.

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Jude Tallichet,

It’s a full-size Hyundai Accent, circa 2000, collapsed in the middle of the gallery floor. Or rather, the shell of one, bone-white and cracked apart, like a melting iceberg or a flash-frozen relic from the next ice age.

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Sam Durant's Invisible Surrealists at Paula Cooper Gallery

In 1945, Andre Breton traveled to the Haitian capital of Port au Prince to deliver a lecture on “Surrealism and Haiti.”

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Photographs of Urgent Wilderness

by Jeremy Polacek on October 17, 2014

Post image for Photographs of Urgent Wilderness

Flush with riveting, enigmatic color and luxuriant depth of field, David Benjamin Sherry’s monochrome photographs radiate beauty, urgency, and a certain humanness — as if their sublime scenes of mountains, forests, and rock formations had been blasted and dyed by a human detonation.

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Drawing the Face of the War Machine

by Melissa Stern on October 17, 2014

Xanti Schawinsky: Head Drawings and Faces of War

The Drawing Center has mounted a strange and surreal show of drawings by Xanti Schawinsky, an underrated artist whose 50-plus-year career spanned the 1920s to the late ’70s.

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Post image for Cats, Cans, and More Curiosities from Toy Camera History

The colorful history of toy cameras, those affordable film cameras in plastic boxes, is being celebrated in a new book.

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Performing the Rituals of Rebellion

by Tara Sheena on October 16, 2014

Post image for Performing the Rituals of Rebellion

In our increasingly digital world, live performance still manages to bring us together, away from the keyboard, for a period of time, however brief. Attending a performance is a kind of ritualistic act, which I have been thinking about since witnessing DEBUT, a new performance work by choreographer Emily Terndrup and filmmaker Derrick Belcham.

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Post image for An Exhibition to Put on (and Inside) Your Head

PARIS — Located in La Chaux-de-Fonds near Neuchâtel in the Swiss Jura Mountains, watchmakers Greubel Forsey are celebrating their tenth anniversary by honoring the gadfly artist Robert Filliou (1926–1987) in Paris with a rather curious show called Chapeaux! Hommage à Robert Filliou — and with a nonfunctioning watch in his name.

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Post image for Martha Rosler Tackles the Problem of Representation

LONDON — In the ’70s, photographer (and videographer, and rigorous cultural critic, and possible genius) Martha Rosler brought a critical eye, politically and philosophically, to the medium’s seductive pretenses of objectivity.

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