AA Bronson

AA Bronson’s HOUSE OF SHAME at the Gwangju Biennale

GWANGJU, South Korea — For the past several years, AA Bronson’s work has drawn on the acute awareness of radical pedagogies and alternative economies that he developed as a member of the Canadian artists collective General Idea.

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AA Bronson's House of Shame at the Gwangju Biennial

GWANGJU, South Korea — I have never been to South Korea before. Jessica Morgan warned that it would be hot and sweaty and of course Gwangju was exactly that — tropical!

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Post image for Peeking into the LA Art Book Fair’s Queer Zine Show

LOS ANGELES — The LA Art Book Fair is for those who cannot afford to buy art. That includes everyone from recent MFAs to working artists, writers and curators, and collectors who like objects that take up space on the coffee table — not the wall.

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The Consolation of Temptation

by Mark Sheerin on September 18, 2013

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ROTTERDAM, the Netherlands — The greatest temptations, in a show called The Temptation of AA Bronson, are not epicurean, sensual, or even sexual. Instead the visitor is torn between mysticism and reason, knowing that perhaps too much of either could be unbalanced.

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Toward a New Queer Theology

by Mark Sheerin on September 11, 2013

Post image for Toward a New Queer Theology

ROTTERDAM, the Netherlands — With his wild-man beard, piratical silver earrings, heavy-rimmed specs and abiding interest in the occult, it wasn’t clear just how an unscheduled interview with sexagenarian AA Bronson would unfold.

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Photo Essays

AA Bronson’s Garden of Queer Delights

by Mark Sheerin on September 9, 2013

Post image for AA Bronson’s Garden of Queer Delights

ROTTERDAM, the Netherlands — Nothing says mystery like an invite-only launch featuring a performance piece scheduled for one minute past midnight.

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Post image for AA Bronson and Carlos Motta to Speak at Hyperallergic’s Wed Aug 21 ArtTalk

On Wednesday, August 21, Hyperallergic will be hosting our next ArtTalk featuring artists AA Bronson and Carlos Motta at The Bedford in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The topic for that evening’s discussion and conversation is “The Body, Spirit, Sex, Community, Magic, and the Other.”

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Over 15,000 Attend Inaugural LA Art Book Fair

by Carren Jao on February 5, 2013

Post image for Over 15,000 Attend Inaugural LA Art Book Fair

LOS ANGELES — Bookstore chains may slowly be dying out, but small publishing is alive and kicking … hard. At least, if the turnout at Printed Matter’s first LA Art Book Fair was any indication.

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Post image for Who Says LA Doesn’t Read? Inaugural LA Art Book Fair Opens Today

AA Bronson, the internationally recognized artist and former president of New York’s Printed Matter artist-book store, is currently in LA to launch the first ever LA Art Book Fair at MOCA’s Geffen Contemporary space in downtown LA. Bronson, who is also the director of the NY Art Book Fair, says he’s been thinking about an LA companion to the popular New York fair for about three years now.

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A Place Where Art and Religion Meet

by Rob Colvin on November 14, 2012

Post image for A Place Where Art and Religion Meet

The close relationship that art and religion maintained for several millennia has in recent decades eroded so drastically that it’s difficult to imagine fine arts and contemporary religion having anything in common. Art is, on the whole, a secular enterprise, and religion is frequently more anesthetic than aesthetic in character. The two worlds happily foster vulgar understandings of each other almost to a point of pride. Some might even suggest that adherence to one entails a rejection of, or at least critical distance from, the other. But not everyone is content with this scenario.

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