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Meta-Corporate Ad Torches Burning Man

by Hrag Vartanian on September 14, 2015

Post image for Meta-Corporate Ad Torches Burning Man

David Foster Wallace was right, meta-television is the future, but a new meta-corporate ad by Quiznos may be one of the best examples of how corporations will serve up anti-corporate humor for the masses in an attempt to advance their own toasty agenda.

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Post image for The Promise of Glamor and Adventure in Mid-Century Airline Advertising

From the end of World War II to the 1970s, airline travel experienced a revolution in extended routes and better aircrafts.

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Post image for The Man Who Harmonized Form, Function, and Friendliness in Corporate Design

Before the 1950s, most advertising was just copywriting paired with an image with little thought to the overall company or visual identity.

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Post image for The (Un)Changing Portrayal of White Women in 100 Years of Advertisements

The idea is so ingenious, it almost seems obvious: take advertisements and remove the text that makes them so, leaving only a string of images behind.

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Post image for An Avant-Garde Map that Enticed Fearful Customers to Air Travel

When aviation took off in the early 20th century, safety was still shaky and the public needed some convincing to get them soaring among the clouds in the noisy metal contraptions.

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Post image for Artist Ticked Off at Watchmaker’s Unauthorized Use of His Work

The Saudi artist Ahmed Mater is suing watchmaker Swatch for using one of his works to sell a luxury timepiece.

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“Let up before your nerves get Tired, Tense” ad

In terms of breadth and controversy, two 20th-century advertising campaigns are almost unrivaled: the drive to sell cigarettes and the backlash to get people to stop smoking. Selling Smoke: Tobacco Advertising and Anti-smoking Campaigns at the Harvey Cushing/John Hay Whitney Medical Library at Yale University presents these dual crusades side-by-side.

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Post image for Every Advertising Cliché in One Video

Oh, generic, you are so meh … but what diversity of skin colors!

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Post image for A Fusion of Facebook, Advertising, and Design Redefines the Creepy Birthday Hug

In what can be optimistically described as a case of something lost in cultural translation, Brazil’s Outback Steakhouse franchise had their American-owned ad agency design an anthropomorphized chair that “hugs” you when you are wished a happy birthday via Facebook. Yes, This is The Way We Live Today (or, rather, Esta é a maneira como vivemos hoje).

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Post image for Form Is Function: Billboards Offer a Place to Rest or Escape the Rain

Some ideas are so simple it’s kind of crazy they haven’t been thought of before, especially given the constant exhaustion of creativity in advertising. But these billboards from IBM — which act as ramps, benches, or rain shelters — represent a particular triumph of form and function.

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