Alexander McQueen

Post image for 3D-Printed Shoes and Dresses that Move on Their Own

BOSTON — Texture, structure, and motion are the center of #techstyle, which opened last month at the Museum of Fine Arts here.

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Post image for Fantasy and Utopia in the Metropolitan Museum’s Chinese Fashion Show

China was, and will always be, in its heart of hearts, an empire — whether it is royal, revolutionary, or techno-bureaucratic-communist-cum-capitalist.

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Post image for The Impossible Curation of Schiaparelli and Prada

It’s inevitable not to compare the new show at the Metropolitan Museum’s Costume Institute to last year’s blockbuster, Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty, however unfair that might be. But it doesn’t matter, because Schiaparelli and Prada: Impossible Conversations, a pairing of two disparate designers that gives far too much precedence to the latter, falls flat, regardless of what preceded it.

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She Gives Good Window Display

by Alexander Cavaluzzo on February 14, 2012

Post image for She Gives Good Window Display

January usually sees the dismantling of lavish holiday windows on Fifth Avenue, a dissipation of arresting tableaux that engaged pedestrians. But the eminent Paris department store Le Printemps refused to wait until next year to showcase another extravagant display, hosting fashion icon’s Daphne Guinness’s second foray into performance art housed in their windows.

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Post image for Did the Internet Make Fashion More Accessible?

High fashion used to be the terrain of the elite and fashion shows once welcomed only editors, buyers and VIPs but the internet has changed all that.

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Post image for The Top 10 Art World Figures I’d Like to F***

SAN FRANCISCO — With all this extra time to daydream about the perfect relationship, I’ve composed a list of the top 10 art world figures I’d like to do the nasty with. Some are expected, some are not. Some are for social climbing purposes, some are not. But really, all are for love.

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Post image for 10 Fashion Museums to Visit Before You Die

Editors note: We reached out to Hyperallergic’s fashion contributor Alexander Cavaluzzo to tell us the top ten must-see fashion museums around the world. Here are his picks.

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Post image for Is Fashion Art, Style Icons & Other Topics with the Director of the Museum at FIT

Among the cringe-worthy capitalizing on alternative lifestyles and incessant branding that permeates the fashion industry, it’s difficult to carve out a public forum to discuss the cultural, political and intellectual importance of what we wear. But the director and chief curator of the Museum at FIT, Valerie Steele is doing a good job as one of the few public personas who speak openly about the importance of clothing and adornment and her latest show on style icon Daphne Guinness.

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Post image for The Top 10 Objects with Unnecessary Designer Labels

Have some designers gone a little too far slapping their high profile names and logos on things? Do we really live in a world where designer bicycles are the must-have of the season? Let’s take a look at some innocent objects that were perfectly good without a designer name that now we have the uncontrollable urge to purchase thanks to aggressive marketing and brand awareness.

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Post image for Walking Statues: Looking at Menswear as Sculpture

The boys had their turn traipsing down the runways of Paris and Milan last month for the major fashion houses’ offerings at the Spring 2012 Menswear collections. And the more one looks at the clothes, the more they can be seen in relation to another medium: sculpture.

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