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Post image for Remixing the Renaissance as GIFs

By now it’s become a familiar trope: Photoshop or GIF something historical, say, Old Masters or old photographs. But just because it’s been done doesn’t mean it’s been done best. And the elaborate GIFs that James Kerr makes from early Northern Renaissance paintings are a hilariously new take on the idea of remixing antique art.

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Post image for Using New Media to Shed Light on Old Art Narratives

The internet is a visual space, where virality comes most frequently to media rich in images, whether videos, animated GIFs or simple memes. Connecting these new forms of media with all the classic ways that human beings have told visual stories is a powerful way to reanimate them, sometimes literally, for the digital age.

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Old Master Paintings Animated

by Hrag Vartanian on January 17, 2014

Post image for Old Master Paintings Animated

This is what art looks like on drugs.

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Paper Orchard: GIFs Through Collage

by An Xiao on October 23, 2013

Post image for Paper Orchard: GIFs Through Collage

Hilary Faye, a Melbourne-based animator and artist, has been making a series of GIFs pulled from materials she’s found online and animated through collage.

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History Meets the Strangest Animated GIFs

by An Xiao on September 12, 2013

Post image for History Meets the Strangest Animated GIFs

We dare you not to be fascinated by the wacky and amazing animated GIFs of Kevin Weird.

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Post image for These Are the Best GIFs on the Internet Right Now

Do you lie awake at night, sweating bullets, crippled by an unshakable insecurity, a sinister hunch crowding your mind, a sour soupçon that perhaps you are not viewing the “right” GIFs on the internet? Fear not.

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Post image for GIF Is Oxford Dictionary’s Word of the Year, Duh

If you needed another clue that the Graphics Interchange Format, or GIF, the short, looping digital animation file, has become totally ubiquitous, the Oxford Dictionary has selected the term as its word of the year.

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Post image for Obamariffic Victory GIFs, Photos, and Memes

After what had been seen as a tight race, nail-biting election returns, and an interminable wait period for Mitt Romney to actually concede (and for Barack Obama to come out and give a victory speech), we finally have a confirmed president for the next four years. Here’s what Obama’s win looked like in photos, GIFs, and memes that lit up the internet late last night.

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GIF Typologies and the Heritage of the Moving Image

by Jane Hu on September 28, 2012

Post image for GIF Typologies and the Heritage of the Moving Image

EDMONTON, Alberta — Animated GIFs express newness through the medium of the explicitly old. Seen as the quaint markers of a pre-Flash world wide web, GIFs’ ongoing renaissance over the past half-decade places them in an online context that marks their vintage aesthetic difference as a notable appeal rather than an intrusive deficiency.

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iPhone Oil Paintings

by Kyle Chayka on September 17, 2012

Post image for iPhone Oil Paintings

New York-based artist J.K. Keller has come up with a new use for his phone — a facial cleanser. In his new project, iPhone Oil Paintings, Keller rubs his iPhone all over his face and then traces patterns and designs into the resulting gunk.

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