Post image for Art Projects That Toe the Line Between Sharing and Surveillance

This is going to sound absurd, but: who watches the watchers of the watchmen?

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Post image for In an Exhibition of Miniatures, the Good, the Bad, and the Lego

From 18th-century dollhouses and contemporary architectural maquettes to ancient Egyptian reliquary artifacts, taking pleasure from peering down on diminutive worlds seems to be a universal human delight.

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Post image for The Sounds of Nature, Transcribed and Composed

Sound maps of rivers and songs for cicadas are two examples of a new kind of music inspired by 19th-century German physicist Hermann von Helmholtz.

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Post image for apexart’s 8th Annual Franchise Open Call: Apply Starting Feb 1

On February 1, 2015, apexart opens its 8th annual Franchise Program, a call for exhibition proposals from anyone to be presented anywhere except New York City. No prior curatorial experience necessary.

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Post image for Meet the Winners of apexart’s Unsolicited Proposal Program

apexart is thrilled to announce the 3 winning exhibitions of its 18th Unsolicited Proposal Program.

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NYC's apexart will accept submissions for their Unsolicited Proposal Program

On October 1, apexart opens its NYC Unsolicited Proposal Program, a call for exhibition proposals from anyone, anywhere, with any background.

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Post image for Early 20th-Century Kite Cameras, the Pre-Drones

“The hitherto impossible in photography is our specialty,” was the motto of early 20th-century photographer George R. Lawrence’s Chicago studio. Among Lawrence’s great experiments was the use of kites for aerial photography.

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Post image for Star Search: Heaven’s Map for Getting Lost

“Billions and billions of stars.” Carl Sagan’s awestruck if indeterminate census of the universe became a comic catchphrase in the wake of his 1980s PBS series Cosmos. Johnny Carson would intone the line, exaggerating the astrophysicist’s sing-songish repetition of billions and we’d laugh. Not because Sagan’s estimate was so low (estimates currently put the figure at between 10 sextillion and 1 septillion), but in part because the mere idea of billions of suns and consequent solar systems like our own is a patently impossible notion to comprehend. Contemplating god (as a bearded chap on a throne or some vague organizing “force) is water off a duck compared to the mental rearrangements required by the proposition that everyone alive and who has ever lived amounts to nothing more than a mote of cosmic dust. Now that’s hilarious.

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Post image for You, Me and The DMZ: Imagining North Korea

North Korea is so wacky they have their own calendar system, and it marks its centennial anniversary in 2012, the birthdate of the late Kim Il-sung, Kim Jong-un’s grandfather. Dovetailing neatly with the recent passing of Übermeister Kim Jong-il, A Postcard From Afar: North Korea From A Distance at Apex Art showcases this mysterious place.

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Weekly Art Rx

by Liza Eliano on January 6, 2012

Post image for Weekly Art Rx

Welcome to 2012! As soon as the clock struck midnight, not only did the new year begin, but the art world also got a shot of adrenaline as January brings in more exhibition openings than we can keep track of.

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