Post image for Archeologists Uncover 5,000-Year-Old Board Game Pieces

Some things are as old as civilization as we know it: agriculture, government, written language, a reverence for cats, and gaming. As further proof of that last one, Turkish archeologists have unearthed what they think are the oldest board game tokens ever found.

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Post image for Researchers Discover the Oldest Petroglyphs in North America

Petroglyphs in western Nevada have been identified as the oldest of their kind in North America. Researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder conducted a study that dates the rock carvings to between 10,500 and 14,800 years ago.

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Post image for Earliest Chinese Writing: Historical Discovery or Dubious Scratches?

Archaeologists in China have apparently unearthed 5,000-year-old hieroglyphs, a discovery with potentially significant implications for the study of the origins of written language, the Associated Press reported today.

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Post image for Ancient Mayan Temple Destroyed in Belize

The shocking destruction of a Mayan archeological site that dates back to at least 2,300 years is raising serious questions about the safety of Belize’s cultural heritage and archeological sites.

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Post image for The Gate to Hell … Discovered

Welcome to the gates of hell! Or at least the ancient world’s version of it. Pluto’s Gate — Ploutonion in Greek, Plutonium in Latin — has recently been discovered and the digital rendering of it gives the site the mystique of a classical world video game.

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Post image for Archeologist Uncovers Oldest Rock Art, Exclaims “Oh #$@&! A Vulva”

The new discovery, uncovered at a site called Abri Castanet in France, consists mainly of circular carvings most likely meant to represent the vulva.

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Post image for Earliest Known Paintings Discovered in Spain

While we once believed that art was the exclusive domain of the more evolved Homo Sapiens Sapiens but the latest find suggests that the earliest known painting was created by Homo Neanderthalensis. So, maybe you should think twice before calling someone a Neanderthal.

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Post image for Egypt’s Antiquities Not So Safe?

The New York Times is reporting on its ArtsBeat blog that the Egyptian Antiquities head, Zahi Hawass, may resign after a month of defending his work as the head of antiquities and, in more troubling news, he has revealed some facts that suggest Egypt’s ancient heritage isn’t exactly safe … [NYTimes' Artsbeat blog]

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Post image for Database Launches to Track Artifact Looting in Egypt

There have been many reports about damage to Egypt’s art treasures, but reports are conflicting at best, which may be because the facts are being caught up in the spin of the Egyptian government’s propaganda campaign to represent themselves as the group capable of maintaining the safety of the public … and the treasures of Egypt.

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Pyramids of Giza Reportedly Damaged

by Hrag Vartanian on February 1, 2011

Post image for Pyramids of Giza Reportedly Damaged

Unreported Heritage News is quoting Dr. Gerry Scott, director of the American Research Center in Egypt, who provides an assessment of the damage sustained by a few major archeological sites in the protest-racked country. He says there is apparently damage at the Giza Pyramids and an attempt to loot the Temple at Karnak.

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