Post image for At Long Last, Peru Gets a National Museum

Machu Picchu might be Peru’s most famous tourist destination, but the Inca ruins are just one of many cherished historical sites that have survived since ancient times, along with countless precious artifacts. Strangely enough, despite its rich cultural and artistic history, the country hasn’t had a large-scale national museum until now.

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Post image for Saving the Only Building Painter J.M.W. Turner Ever Completed

“Painting can never show her nose in company with architecture but to have it snubbed,” J.M.W. Turner once said.

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Post image for Houston Museum Expansion Wipes Out Local Architect’s Legacy

The Steven Holl-designed redevelopment of the campus of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston means destruction for a building designed by an important local architect.

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Post image for Architecture for Humanity, Disaster Relief Nonprofit, Closes Suddenly

After a massive earthquake hit Haiti in 2010, the San Francisco–based nonprofit Architecture for Humanity moved in.

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Post image for Manhattan’s New Transit Hub Is More Panopticon Than Crystal Palace

Since its glass doors opened and its escalators sprang into motion in early November, the Fulton Center, lower Manhattan’s latest mixed-use landmark, has been described as a “jewel,” a “rare gem,” and a “Crystal Palace.”

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Post image for Chile Will Erect Antoni Gaudí’s First Building Outside of Spain

Antoni Gaudí may have died nearly nine decades ago, but a never-built chapel the architect designed in 1915 is finally coming to life.

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Post image for More Skyscrapers Were Built in 2014 Than Ever Before

A new report shows 2014 was the “tallest year ever,” with more skyscrapers constructed than in any previous year.

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Urban Solutions for the World in 2030

by Allison Meier on January 9, 2015

Post image for Urban Solutions for the World in 2030

Around the world people are rapidly moving to cities in an incredible manifestation of consolidated growth. The Museum of Modern Art’s Uneven Growth is the culmination of a 14-month initiative to address developing problems in six of those cities by involving the communities most impacted.

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Post image for Macedonian Protesters Say No to Architectural Kitsch

Two nights before New Year’s Eve, more than a thousand Macedonians gathered in the snow to hold hands and form a ring around a large shopping mall in the capital city of Skopje.

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Post image for The Fight for Japan’s Modernist Architecture

Tokyo’s skyline has been increasingly crowded by construction cranes since Japan’s winning bid to host the 2020 Olympic Games.

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