Post image for A Hidden Estonian “Forest Library” for Listening to Nature

Around 50% of Estonia is covered in forest.

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Post image for The Marvels of India’s Maze-like Stepwells

For the past four years, journalist Victoria Lautman has been photographing an overlooked feature of Indian architectural history: the stepwell.

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Photo Essays

The Whimsical Forms of Soviet Bus Stops

by Claire Voon on September 23, 2015

Post image for The Whimsical Forms of Soviet Bus Stops

For over a decade, photographer Christopher Herwig travelled through 15 former Soviet countries on a scavenger hunt for one specific form of architecture: the common bus stop.

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Post image for Photos of Brooklyn’s Waterfront Show a Century of Change

The Brooklyn waterfront is radically changing.

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Post image for Henry Howard, the Forgotten 19th-Century Architect of New Orleans

A three-decade exhumation to retrieve the forgotten career of one of the most influential 19th-century American architects was completed this June with the release of Henry Howard: Louisiana’s Architect.

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Post image for Various Visions of the Future in NYC’s First New Subway Station in 25 Years

It only took a day after Sunday’s opening for a candy bar wrapper to lodge beneath the new wooden bench of the 34th Street-Hudson Yards platform, and vague stains to appear on the station’s light granite floor tiles.

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Post image for The Most Fantastic Architecture of the Soviet Union Was Built on Paper

Restricted by the aesthetic limits on architecture in the Soviet Union, Alexander Brodsky and Ilya Utkin imagined the most fantastic cities and wondrous structures on paper.

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Post image for LA’s Architecture and Design Museum Reopens with a Show on the Future of Housing

LOS ANGELES — Every city has its own characteristic architectural forms. For New York, it’s the skyscraper. San Francisco has the Victorian. But in Los Angeles, residential architecture is the defining element of the urban fabric.

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Post image for The Pre-Columbian Origins of Mexico’s Modernist Architecture

In his monograph Pyramid, published by Toluca Éditions, photographer Pablo López Luz explores the pre-Columbian influence on modernist architecture in Mexico.

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Post image for Historic Chapel in Mexico Mysteriously Torn Down

Did a small town in Mexico bulldoze a historically protected chapel at the heart of its community last month?

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