Post image for Living Inside Art with Federico Babina

Everyone dreams about having a great piece of art to one day hang in their home or office. But to illustrator Federico Babina, that’s dreaming too small. Why not have the building you inhabit be itself a work of art?

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Post image for Moshe Safdie Calls on Architects to Rethink How Cities Are Built

In his keynote speech closing the World Architecture Festival last week, Moshe Safdie called for a reevaluation of how we design our cities, Dezeen reported. The 76-year-old architect argued that his profession’s understanding of “what urban design is all about” needs a “reorientation.”

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The Eiffel Tower Gets a Facelift

by Laura C. Mallonee on October 6, 2014

Post image for The Eiffel Tower Gets a Facelift

“I ought to be jealous,” engineer Gustave Eiffel said, after his 1,070-foot iron lattice tower was erected in late-19th-century Paris. “She is more famous than I am.”

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Getty Foundation announces recipients of Keeping It Modern grant initiative for 20th-century modernist architecture

This week, the first awardees in the new Keeping It Modern grant initiative from the Getty Foundation were announced for 20th-century modernist architecture that requires long-term conservation planning.

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Post image for Fictional Collaborations Between Artists and Architects

What if the day Picasso and Le Corbusier had spent wandering the Unité d’habitation in Marseille turned into a real structural collaboration? Italian illustrator Federico Babina has imagined such collisions of visual artists with architects in a series called Artisect.

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Architecture for Humanity at the New Aspen Art Museum

by An Xiao on September 8, 2014

Post image for Architecture for Humanity at the New Aspen Art Museum

ASPEN, Colorado — Despite its reputation as a resort town for the 1%, the heart of Aspen looks much like a classic Western American town. The new Aspen Art Museum, designed by Pritzker Prize-winning architect Shigeru Ban, stands out in this context in both height and design.

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Post image for Designing Mobile Homes for the New Wanderers

Homeownership has been on the decline in the United States, drifting down to 64.8% in the first quarter of 2014, per the Census Bureau’s report earlier this year.

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Rendering of the new US Embassy in London

Some politicians are concerned that the new initiative to build better-designed United States embassies isn’t just expensive, it’s putting employees in danger.

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In the 19th century, an Italian artist created an architectural alphabet in which letters are depicted as monumental structures.

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Post image for Architecture That Doesn’t Only Live in Nature But Is Made of It

Inspired by bird nests or vanishing building techniques, architecture based on natural materials is an expanding focus in both sculpture garden and urban landscape.

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