Post image for 122-Foot Dinosaur Makes Its Colossal Debut at the American Museum of Natural History

A cast of one of the largest dinosaurs to walk the Earth some 100 million years ago is being unveiled this week at the American Museum of Natural History in New York.

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Post image for Rescuing an Obscure Photographic Archive of Early 20th-Century Argentina

When German-born photographer Annemarie Heinrich opened her first studio in 1930, her adopted country of Argentina was experiencing a time of change from old cultural practices to industrialization.

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Effy Beth, “Sobre Moldes”

It’s been two years since a legal battle was won, yet trans and non-binary people in Argentina remain vulnerable to different forms of violence.

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Post image for Images at the End of the Frozen World

As the northeast of the United States has been submerged into a deep freeze, it seems appropriate to circulate these chilling images poised to go on view at the Sean Kelly Gallery next week.

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The Activism of Buenos Aires Street Art

by Allison Meier on February 14, 2013

Post image for The Activism of Buenos Aires Street Art

Between 1975 and 1983, tens of thousands of people went missing in Argentina’s “Dirty War.” The exact number of the tortured and murdered in state-sponsored detentions is impossible to determine due to the discreetness of the disappearances and disposal of the bodies. Free speech was nonexistent; the members of the media and press who spoke out frequently became part of the missing. It was in this environment of fear that street art became a public voice, and in the decades that followed it has continued to be part of an activist culture of art, especially in Argentina’s capital, Buenos Aires. This week, filming started on a feature-length documentary called White Walls Say Nothing (Paredes blancas no dicen nada in Spanish) that aims to capture the history and contemporary vibrance of Argentine street art.

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Post image for Lost in Buenos Aires, Street Art Got Me Home

On a recent vacation to South America, I accidently became lost in the middle of Buenos Aires. Separated from my partner who had the maps, money, hotel name and address, not to mention a command of the native language, I panicked.

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