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Post image for How Frieze Art Fair Is Like a Dead Doughnut

Many criticisms have been leveled at art fairs.

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Post image for The Anxiety of Being a Critic on the Internet

HALIFAX, Nova Scotia — After a total mindfuck of a weekend at Superscript, perhaps it is fitting that I began writing this attempt at a postscript in a note on my iPhone in airport terminals both with and sans-wifi, while hovering over grids of gradated green, ascending through strata of cumuli and back.

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Post image for What to Make of the Village Voice’s Offensive Kehinde Wiley Review?

If you’re looking for a very generous review of the Kehinde Wiley exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum, read Roberta Smith. If you’re looking for one that’s startlingly homophobic and racist, read Jessica Dawson.

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Post image for A French Artist Demonstrates How Not to Handle Criticism

On January 17 a group of performers hired by a French artist smashed nearly half of the artworks in his new exhibition, then this happened.

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What Should Art Criticism Do?

by Edie Everette on November 17, 2014

Post image for What Should Art Criticism Do?

Once upon a time, I asked New Yorker magazine art critic Peter Schjeldahl …

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Post image for On Ken Johnson and the Question of Sexism

Two weeks ago, when critic Ken Johnson reviewed Michelle Grabner’s current solo exhibition in the New York Times, he fell into a trap. Johnson didn’t like Grabner’s work, which is fine, but rather than breaking it down to understand why he didn’t like it, he resorted to half-baked biographical stereotyping.

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Post image for Questions About Art Criticism for Three European Critics

On Sunday, April 27, an event jointly organized by AICA International and EUNIC New York will be probing the realities facing art critics in Europe.

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Art or Monkey Fart?

by Jillian Steinhauer on April 15, 2013

Post image for Art or Monkey Fart?

For those who need a break from following the news on what has turned out to be a horrific day, we offer this short bit of humor — 2 minutes and 46 seconds of hilarious art satire.

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Post image for Is There a Case for Including Prices with Art Reviews?

This week, The Stranger‘s art critic, Jen Graves, wrote a blog post titled, “Should We List Prices With Art Reviews?” When I first saw the headline, I had a knee-jerk reaction to the effect of, “No!!”

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Let’s All Argue About Digital Art

by Kyle Chayka on January 23, 2013

Post image for Let’s All Argue About Digital Art

You’re digital! I’m digital! We’re all digital! No better way to stir the pot than to bring up the post-IRL condition that has us all confused: What does it mean that we spend so much time online? How are artists engaging technology? Everyone’s arguing, from the curmudgeonly Artforum-approved art historian Claire Bishop to curator Lauren Cornell and author Eleanor Heartney. Here’s what they’re saying.

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