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Post image for A Small, Independent Art School Flourishes in Cambodia

SIEM REAP, Cambodia — Over four million people visited Cambodia in 2014, many of whom came to see Angkor Wat, the country’s most popular tourist destination.

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Post image for Testing the Possibilities of Online Education with Museum MOOCs

MOOCs (massive open online courses) have been both hailed as a possible solution to providing low-cost, high-quality education and derided as a destructive reallocation of resources from public education to private corporations.

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Post image for Photographer Alec Soth’s Winnebago Workshop Takes Arts Education on the Road

“Moving through the world brings the world alive,” Alec Soth told Hyperallergic. “I considered myself a photographer for about a decade before I seriously started traveling. Once I hit the road, everything changed. I found I could more deeply connect with the people and places I encountered.”

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Post image for Five Cooper Union Trustees Call It Quits

Last night five members of the Cooper Union’s board of trustees resigned: real estate mogul Mark Epstein (the board’s former chairman), Vassar College president Catharine Bond Hill, architects Daniel Libeskind and Francois de Menil (the board’s vice chairman), and investment banker Monica Vachher.

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Post image for Teachable Moments from a Conference on Art and Education

Last month, ART21 hosted an intricately interdisciplinary affair: Creative Chemistries: Radical Practices for Art + Education, a conference designed to probe the intersections of art and education.

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Post image for How Mosaics Are Shaping Haiti’s Future

When the 2010 earthquake hit Haiti, it leveled much of Jacmel’s colonial architecture, and the streets were given over to piles of rubble. In the wake of this disaster, visitors to the country’s cultural capital might be surprised to find that dozens of mosaics now enliven its walls, plazas, and public seating areas.

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Can Art Make Us Care More?

by An Xiao on November 6, 2013

Post image for Can Art Make Us Care More?

OAKLAND, Calif. — So much of empathy seems to be determined by the position we occupy in the world.

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Remembering the Value of an Arts Education

by An Xiao on November 4, 2013

Post image for Remembering the Value of an Arts Education

Ask a contemporary college student about their average day, and they’ll probably tell you they spend it multitasking. Classes here, academic clubs there, maybe a fraternity/sorority event, and then of course community service. No surprises there. But what might be a surprise is that this sort of hectic, multi-event schedule has increasingly become a reality for children’s daily lives, too.

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NYC Parks Welcome Student Artists

by Maeve Gately on July 26, 2013

Post image for NYC Parks Welcome Student Artists

We may admire the mathematical formulae of analytic cubism, stand in awe before a serene Raphael, or tilt our heads in bemusement at one of Jeff Koons’s inflatable lobsters. But sometimes the most affective and accessible art is made by non-artists — by amateurs and children. Unassuming and genuine, this type of work can cut through the semantic haze of contemporary expression and speak with the plain, human voice of those rarely heard. Such is the joy of amateur art, and a New York City nonprofit has managed to capture it through the combined efforts of middle school students, contemporary artists, and devoted classroom art teachers. The issues explored range from bullying to guns in schools. The medium? A school lunchroom table.

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Post image for Bring Art and Science Out of Academic Isolation

STEM has been a huge acronym buzz word in education in recent years, standing for the “hard science” pillars of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, but an initiative led by the Rhode Island School of Design is hoping to turn that into STEAM. Aimed at promoting the national movement of putting arts and design in the STEM education program, STEM to STEAM seems to be picking up momentum with its argument that creativity and flexible thinking are just as important to innovation as science.

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