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Post image for Historical Angry Birds: Remixed “Peacock Room” Highlights Old Feud

WASHINGTON, DC — Waterston’s work closely recreates Whistler’s elegant chamber, but remixed into wreckage to express Whistler and Leyland’s friendship, which disintegrated once Leyland laid eyes on Whistler’s work.

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Post image for An Illustrated Guide to Auction House Terminology

What is “chandelier bidding?” How do third-party guarantees work? And what are the “three D’s?”

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Post image for Artists Are Not Kale: A Gallery Management Guide’s Many Failures

The it-book of summer, we were told, was Management of Art Galleries by the self-proclaimed “art market expert, serial entrepreneur, and bestselling author” Magnus Resch.

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Post image for Bank Offers Art-Buying Classes for Heirs and Heiresses

According to Bloomberg, Citigroup is hoping to prevent losses by teaching the heirs of its wealthiest bank customers how to invest in art.

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Post image for Mapping the Most Expensive Artworks Sold by Country

A new series of maps created by attempts to look at art valuation based on country of origin.

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Post image for The Best Way to Collect Contemporary Art: Patiently and Passionately

When art and commerce mix, a certain level of mania is inevitable: it’s what you get when passion and pragmatism collide.

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Post image for Stefan Simchowitz Isn’t as Controversial as He’d Like You to Believe

Stefan Simchowitz has a talent for making himself the center of conversation. That talent was on full view over the past week, since the New York Times released its Sunday magazine profile of the art collector/dealer.

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Post image for Making Sense of NYC’s $1.5 Billion Art Auction Week

Listen up: $1.5 billion!

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Do Mexican Drug Lords Buy Art?

by Laura C. Mallonee on September 22, 2014

Post image for Do Mexican Drug Lords Buy Art?

Art gallerists in Mexico are blaming slow business on an anti–money laundering law targeting drug lords, reports the Washington Post.

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(data via TEFAF; graph by Claire Voon/Hyperallergic)

“It’s really business as usual,” announced one Fabian Bocart in today’s New York Times, apropos the putative stability of the art market.

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