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My Art School Breakdown, Part 2

by Edie Everette on December 29, 2014

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The perfect storm …

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My Art School Breakdown, Part 1

by Edie Everette on December 1, 2014

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Go straight from high school to a kick-ass art school.

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Judy Chicago, arguably the world’s best known Feminist artist, continues to fiercely divide opinion. Her detractors accuse her work of being simplistic and singleminded, while loyalists praise her unwavering activism. The artist has fostered a reputation for being independent and uncompromising.

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Post image for Art School’s Pulp Fiction Moment

Thank you, Jerry Saltz, for sharing this classic pulp fiction book cover on Twitter. It really puts art school into a real context.

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Why Did You Go to Art School?

by Jillian Steinhauer on September 18, 2013

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With college tuition costs in the US rising faster than inflation, the decision to go to art school is increasingly fraught. How do you know if the ends will justify the means? Is it worth it only if you have a scholarship? Why go to art school? That last question is the basis for a tumblelog called, appropriately, Why Did You Go to Art School?

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Post image for In Search of an Alternative Art Education #AltEdu

Lately there has been a rising trend of artist-run schools and programs popping up throughout the country: Trade School, the School for Creative Activism, the Bruce High Quality Foundation University, and New York Arts Practicum, to name just a few in New York. While this is not an entirely new phenomenon, perhaps the current manifestation is a response to exponentially rising tuition prices as well as stagnant employment opportunities for people (such as myself) who have already spent a great deal on their education thus far. Discontent with the current art school model also seems to be an increasingly common attitude among students and faculty alike.

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Post image for How to Apply to Art School in China

All of these photos come from Shandong, where, according to the People’s Daily Online, nearly 10,000 people applied to get into the Shandong University of Art and Design this year.

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Why Can’t You Draw?

by Samuel Rowlett on February 13, 2013

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I teach drawing, and I often have people tell me that they can’t draw, that they couldn’t even draw a stick figure. And so I ask them how they know that. And they say, “Yeah, I tried it and it looked like crap.” The truth of the matter is that art is not so much the way things look, but a way of looking at things.

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blank book

The Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD) is forcing students to buy an art history book for $180 — which wouldn’t be unheard of, but the catch is that the publishers of this book didn’t get any of the image rights for the artwork it includes. To reiterate, that’s an art history survey without any pictures. WTF.

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Post image for From the Inbox: Dear Universe, I don’t pretend to have figured out what art is …

… and with the same non-existing deception, in addition to my rebellion against the intellectual arrogance that plagues some of my fellow students, I admit not to really care. Even though something inside of me twists and shouts “Liar!” Well, maybe if I tell myself I don’t care enough times I will start believing it …

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