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CHICAGO — If you’re an artist in New York City, you’re probably aware of not-for-profit or publicly-funded resources for artists, such as the New York Foundation for the Arts or the New York Art Resources Consortium, and several others that provide online information for artists about job and exhibition opportunities, spaces for rent, career development, and counseling, and so on. In Chicago, those kinds of resources are much scarcer. But two outlets have been a reliable source of information for artists in the past few decades: the Chicago Artists Coalition (CAC), and the Chicago Artists’ Resource (CAR).

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2013 might not usher in the sci-fi future of jet packs and personal space travel, but it can be the year when you make solid progress toward turning your artistic hobby or part-time passion into a sustainable career.

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Saatchi Online began with a simple mission – to democratize the art market and make art. For the first time, aspiring and established artists were able to display their work to a global art community outside the confines of a traditional gallery setting.

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New York City Museums, For Free

by Kyle Chayka on February 24, 2011

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Website I Heart NY Museums by programmer Dan Nguyen is a super useful online mash-up of New York City museum data that shows you when each museum has admission-free hours. With this schedule, it’s easy to plan an exhibition itinerary that won’t leave you blowing $20 at MoMA.

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Portable Life Drawing, Now Available on Your iPhone

by Kyle Chayka on February 22, 2011

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Count on Japanese software developers to bring us something so delightfully weird yet totally useful. Pose Maniacs is a website that serves as your very own personal figure drawing model, set to whatever pose you like for however long it takes. The site is even downloadable as an iPhone app.

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