Post image for Peter Doig Wins Bizarre Court Battle, Proving He Didn’t Make a Painting

One of the most bizarre art authentication cases in recent memory came to a close yesterday with a federal judge’s ruling that Peter Doig did not paint a desert scene signed “Pete Doige 76.”

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Post image for Easy Come, Easy Go: New Bosch Identified, Old Bosches Discredited

Experts at the Bosch Research and Conservation Project (BRCP) have confirmed that a drawing previously attributed to one of Hieronymus Bosch’s workshop assistants was actually rendered by the Flemish master himself.

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Post image for NY State Senate Passes Bill Protecting Art Authenticators from Bogus Lawsuits

Art authenticators can finally breathe a sigh of relief: on Monday, the New York State Senate passed much-anticipated legislation that protects them against frivolous libel lawsuits.

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Post image for One of Ancient Egypt’s Most Celebrated Paintings May Be a 19th-Century Fake

According to an Italian Egyptologist, one of the Egyptian Museum of Cairo’s most prized ancient paintings could be a 19th-century archeological forgery.

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In Brief

French Museums Spar Over Goya Paintings

by Benjamin Sutton on February 19, 2015

Post image for French Museums Spar Over Goya Paintings

A small museum in southwestern France has just gained a Goya thanks to a new authentication that’s left a different French museum with a mere copy.

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Post image for Basquiat Estate Files Suit Against Christie’s

The estate of Jean-Michel Basquiat has filed a complaint in the US District Court in Manhattan over a Christie’s online auction comprising contested and unauthenticated works, the New York Times reported.

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Post image for Experts Argue Head Might Not Match Courbet’s “Origin” Body #NSFW

Last week, Hyperallergic reported on the alleged discovery of the upper half of Gustave Courbet’s x-rated “The Origin of the World” in Paris. Experts are now casting doubt on the argument that the portrait fragment belongs to “Origin,” or even that it was actually painted by Courbet. With help from an American Courbet expert, we delved a little deeper into the story behind the face of “The Origin of the World.”

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