Auxiliary Projects

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On Tuesday, at the preview of the Spring/Break Art Show, a writer I know told me she’d been sent there on an assignment to cover the “little” fairs surrounding the Armory Show.

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Photo Essays

The Familiar Pull of Alien Objects

by Vic Vaiana on April 28, 2015

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Auxiliary Projects, formerly in Bushwick, has relocated to a new space in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

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Untitled Art Fair 2013: Nature Gone Wrong

by Hrag Vartanian on December 10, 2013

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MIAMI BEACH — In the cycles of art fairs, there are some that are going up and others that are on a slow decline to what seems like oblivion. In the former category is Untitled, which debuted last year and has since generated a lot of buzz because of its South Beach beachfront location (which was copied this year by Scope art fair) and the crop of galleries it appears to have lured away from the once “too cool for school” NADA art fair further uptown.

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Post image for Pattern Recognition: Seven Bushwick/Ridgewood Shows

For those who love the vibrant art scene of Bushwick and its younger sister in Queens, Ridgewood, it is a good time to venture through the area’s galleries to see a wide range of work that is sure to inspire and provoke conversation. These are seven shows that are worth a look.

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Post image for New Art Spaces in the Bushwick Area, Part 1

The bewildering number of new galleries opening in Bushwick in late 2012 and early this year continues to grow (even while this article goes to press). Counts now, depending on who you ask, are above 45. Growth seems to be nothing short of exponential as virtually every major studio building in every micro-neighborhood that’s part of Bushwick is now home to several artist-run exhibition spaces, and naturally, apartment shows abound. Here’s the first five on our list.

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